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  • Goodness, Decency & Civility in Business
    The Professor Pritch Pritchard was inspired again today to expand on the idea of doing the right thing is always the right thing to do but also good for business too. The big picture approach to brand, reputation and thought leadership is directly connec
  • The Single Most Important Key To Success
    The single most important key to success is... you have to listen to find out. We will reveal the word, concept, discipline, execution, etc. in the first 2 minutes and then discuss all of the aspects for utilization, implementation and maximization in yo
  • Business Strategies For Dealing With Fake News
    On Ep143, The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA breaks down, analyses and leads the discussion regarding an Aug 25th, 2020 Forbes magazine article 16 Business Strategies For Dealing With ‘Fake News’ (link below). We agree with some of the
  • New Name For The Former #NeoMarketing Podcast
    After 149 episodes (141 + 8 bonus eps) of the #NeoMarketing Podcast, it was time for a change. The new and improved Strategic Growth Podcast begins today by discussing the new name and exactly how and why strategic growth is good for your business today
  • Major Announcements Bonus Episode
    We have 3 major announcements on this bonus 5th Wednesday of the Month bonus episode. 1. We are changing the name of this podcast. What will the new name be? You have to listen to find out. 2. Inspired by advice from Gary Vaynerchuk, we will be adding a
  • Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation
    The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA is taking a deep dive into the scourge of modern communications: Misinformation, Malinformation and Disinformation. We identify, define and discuss the different types of media manipulations prevalent
  • Common Start-Up and Small Business Mistakes
    We’re discussing all the mistakes and missteps of many start-ups and small businesses that can add up to presenting a picture of failure, not success. These minor errors can collectively harm or kill a new or small brand. We cover basics like having a pr
  • The Value Of Delegation
    The ability to delegate is an often misunderstood and overlooked leadership skill. Yet, delegation is the quickest way to promote, or stagnate, business growth. Without delegation within an organization, you have a much higher potential for inefficiency,
  • Top Trend 2022: Data Activation
    Consumers are more sophisticated than ever in 2022. They know businesses are collecting data on them, some of which they voluntarily share via search engines, website clicks and opt-ins. Its not enough to stop at basic, generic demographic data for marke
  • Lifetime Value
    An old idea thats very, very relevant in 2022: Lifetime Value of advertising, marketing, public relations and customer service. We discuss the impact of lifetime value in 22 based on an article written in the 1980s by Pritchs dad (an original Mad Man adv
  • 2022 Business Trend Predictions
    New for 22 our predictions of essential and impactful business trends for 2022 - NOT new normal, just normal business in the new year. 1. Because of Covid: The Great Resignation and Consumer Experimentation 2. Continuing Trends: Niche Inside
  • Five Keys To Starting Any Business
    Episode 134 was inspired by a recent conversation we had with a new business owner who was overwhelmed by too much information. He had taken a multi-week class on starting a business, read blogs, listened to podcasts and purchased a franchise that came w
  • Profile In PR Failure (A Series of Teachable Moments)
    On Ep133 of The Golding Group #NeoMarketing Podcast, Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA will react to the PR disaster of the Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel who made a minor crisis much worse by responding in all the wrong ways. Pritch will ut
  • Media Relations 101 Rules Of Engagement
    On #NeoMarketing Podcast Ep132 we are discussing media relations rules of engagement (ROE). The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR gives his guidelines to remember for successfully engaging members of the media as a public relations professional. Heres the
  • Our 10th Business Anniversary Advice Episode
    This month, The Golding Group will celebrate our 10th anniversary as a company. On this episode, we reflect on the lessons learned over a decade of ups, downs and less-than-perfect outcomes that have shaped the company. We also look forward to the next 1
  • Civility, Standards & Business Code Of Conduct
    How exactly does a business mission statement or expressed values translate into public reputation? The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA is here to explain. We discuss the value of a Code Of Conduct for business and how to manage the pro
  • Women of Integrity In Business
    On this episode, were discussing the measurable value of ethical business practices and the potentially catastrophic effects of ethical failings along with the reasons we are sponsors of the Better Business Bureau Serving Central Oklahoma award for Woman
  • The Role Of Business In Society
    The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA challenges co-host and Golding Group CEO Kyle Golding to a philosophical debate on the Friedman Doctrine: The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits. Friedman is known as one of
  • Two Biggest Business Mistakes And How To Fix Them
    On the #NeoMarketing podcast, The Golding Group partners Kyle Golding and Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA discuss best practices, latest trends and modern techniques for professional business communications including advertisi
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often a major component of brand marketing and public relations. But is it always the right thing to do? What are the guidelines and considerations for communications professionals when crafting CSR statements fro