The Strategic Growth Podcast offers expert business insights, interviews with thought leaders and business plan triage for business owners, start-ups or anyone with a specific business problem. Hosted by Kyle Golding, entrepreneur and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group. Formerly known as the #NeoMarketing Podcast

  • Elizabeth Larios, Program Manager at gBETA OKC
    Special guest Elizabeth Larios, MPA is the gBETA Program Manager for Gener8tor OKC. She is a community engagement-focused economic development professional with a brand range of experience in business, non-profit, higher education and politics. She conne
  • Hoang Lam, CEO of CMM Financial & Founder of Storm Check
    Special guest Hoang Lam is a man of many pursuits. He is CEO of CMM Financial, Founder of Storm Check and co-host of the Defining Moments podcast. We discuss the entrepreneurial spirit, changing careers, the unique perspective of a first-generation Ameri
  • Business Plan Triage with Zacharias Voulgaris
    Tech entrepreneur Zacharias Voulgaris is in the process of starting a company in ed-tech world and looking for our advice on finding a cofounder who can also undertake some of the responsibility. The Golding Group CEO Kyle Golding offers his best advice
  • Alex Ruhter, CEO of JackBe Drive-Thru Grocery Startup
    JackBe is an Oklahoma-based start-up disrupting the grocery shopping experience. Your order is placed via their app (nothing new there) and then delivered to your car when you arrive. You never go inside the store. Its as convenient as a fast food drive-
  • Leadership, Goals and Processes with Special Guest Kitt Letcher
    Were learning valuable lessons about leadership through planning, goal setting and managing the process from yearly to weekly schedules with our special guest Kitt Letcher, CEO and President of the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma. Letcher uses
  • Strategic Growth Podcast Best of 2022 (part 2)
    Were sharing more of our favorite snippets of advice from 2022 as we launch 2023. All episodes are available to Listen/Stream/Subscribe at https://bit.ly/SGPodListen 00:22 Jan. 19th Ep136 Lifetime Value 01:31 March 16th Ep140 Misinformation, Malinfo
  • Strategic Growth Podcast Best of 2022
    Were sharing some of our favorite snippets of advice from the past 12 months as we all wrap up 2022 and look forward to 2023. Listen/Stream/Watch/Subscribe at https://bit.ly/SGPodListen 00:20 Ep135 2022 Business Trend Predictions 02:23 Ep137 Top Trend
  • Corporate Culture with Kitt Letcher, CEO BBB of Central Oklahoma
    On this episode, we discuss the fine art of corporate culture with Kitt Letcher, CEO and President of the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma. Letcher is well-recognized for her smart and impactful approach to building and maintaining a highly pro
  • Disrupting Business and Education with Anthropology
    Our special guest on this episode is Suzette Chang, Founder and Executive Director of Thick Descriptions https://thickdescriptions.org/. This non-profit organization disrupts traditional education to help humans thrive where they are, building better com
  • Embracing Change + New Office and Podcast Studio Update
    Embracing change is an opportunity. Opportunity leads to success. Challenge yourself and your business team. Get out of your comfort zone personally and professionally. Take smart risk - not wild, not too safe, but with a desired outcome. We have major n
  • Brand Involvement In Social Issues
    On this episode, The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA sheds light upon the pros and cons of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. This includes social issue marketing, philanthropic efforts, employee volunteer initiatives and d
  • How To Avoiding Quiet Quitting And Quiet Firing
    Quiet Quitting is a relatively new phenomenon in which young professionals claim to be doing the bare minimum to reprioritize work-life balance. Employees doing the bare minimum of effort to earn a paycheck to renew an emphasis on life outside of work. B
  • Social Analytics For Crisis Communications
    The Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR and Fellow PRSA, has some advice for CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers who might not consider social media metrics and analytics to be a critical need. You dont need to be an expert yourself, but you do nee
  • Business Process Management
    Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategic approach to creating effectiveness, efficiency and dependability in the execution of business activity. By focusing on ALL processes necessary for day-to-day operations, you (business leader) can better ma
  • Ethics Pop Quiz Bonus Episode
    On this BONUS 5th Wednesday of the Month episode, Co-Host Kyle Golding asks Professor Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA two pop quiz style business ethics questions for his unscripted answers and advice. We examine hot takes on adding an inflation
  • Maximize Decency and Civility To Build Trust
    We return to a common subject on this podcast but we all (personal, business and society) need to do better – treating each other with decency and civility. “The Professor” Pritch Pritchard, APR & Fellow PRSA breaks down our favorit
  • Everyone Wants To Be A Gangster, until…
    There is a romanticism in entertainment about being a mob boss. But, being an actual gangster requires a lot of unsavory efforts that most people arent capable of doing. Its similar to being an entrepreneur, business owner, boss or leader. Its much more
  • Listening Is The Most Important Skill
    On Episode 150, we discuss the most important skill in business leadership: Listening. Not just being a part of the conversation but actively listening. Quality listening skills benefit every aspect of your business and personal life. We provide you insi
  • How To Be A Good B2B Client and Service Provider
    A business opportunity often missed is making the most of B2B collaborations by being a good client or service provider. This advice goes for both parties in a business relationship. We give you 5 areas of emphasis to strengthen and extend your potential
  • Guest Interview: Gregory Jerome
    Our special guest on this bonus 5th Wednesday of The Month episode is an award-winning entrepreneur, personal stylist and image consultant focused on personal branding and self-confidence. Gregory Jerome combines fashion, psychology and marketing into a