The Strategic Growth Podcast features expert insights, interviews with thought leaders & business plan triage for entrepreneurs, funders & decision-makers. Hosted by Kyle Golding, entrepreneur and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group. Formerly known as the #NeoMarketing Podcast.

  • Darrel Frater, Senior Associate at Serac Ventures Talks VC Day OKC
    Heres a cool idea: for one day, co-work with VCs in your ecosystem. Our guest today is Darrel Frater, Senior Associate at Serac Ventures talking about VC Day - OKC on Thursday, February 8th. This is an open event for VCs, LPs, and Founders interested in
  • The Best of the Strategic Growth Podcast 2023 (Part 2)
    Last year, we had so many amazing guests, insightful conversations and interesting topics discussed on the Strategic Growth Podcast. We kick off 2024 with part two (part one posted on 1/3/24) of the best clips from July to December). Guest appear in
  • The Best of the Strategic Growth Podcast 2023 (Part 1)
    We had so many amazing guests, insightful conversations and interesting topics discussed on the Strategic Growth Podcast in 2023. We kick off 2024 with a review of the best clips from January to June (Part 2 will cover July to December). Guest appear in
  • Medical Innovation with Chelsea Luxen, CEO of ParaNano Wound Care
    Biotech, nanotech and medical device development are rapidly advancing in Oklahoma. Chelsea Luxen, CEO of ParaNano Wound Care, is one of the innovators in these industries in the Sooner State. Her startup is a pre-clinical company founded in 2018 directe
  • The Rebranding Process with Tim Priebe
    Rebranding an existing business is not an easy task to be taken lightly, but when done right the benefits are worth the extra effort, attention to detail and dedication to the process. Our guest on episode 184 is Tim Priebe, CEO of Backslash Creative, wh
  • People Over Projects with Bryce Thompson, CORD Construction and CTB Group
    Every decision that I make as a business owner, I want it to be through the lens of people first. Whats best for not just my people but also for the people were working with and contracting with are trusting us by hiring us. Whats best for them as well.
  • Systems of Success with CEO William Blake
    Our special guest for this episode is William (Will) Blake, CEO of Vesta Foundation Solutions & Unisonworx, President of Construct My Future Non-Profit and Business Consultant. We discuss developing systems, working with the right people, scaling up
  • Capital Growth Support Services For Venture Capital
    Venture Capital (VC) investing is more than just writing checks. VC firms, limited partners and individual investors offer support, connections and expertise to the startups and early-stage companies in their portfolios. To better support your investment
  • Embracing Emerging Technology featuring Ashley Coffey
    Special guest Ashley Coffey is host of Coffey & Code Podcast, CEO of Coffey & Consult startup and TEDx Speaker focused on bridging the gap between technology and people. She is an emerging technologies subject matter expert with over a decade of
  • Following Your Passion featuring Wine With Kelley
    Special guest Kelley McGuire is on a mission to make wine fun and enjoyable for all people, no matter their level of experience or knowledge. She started her private and/or virtual wine-tasting and consulting business Wine With Kelley as a response to he
  • Preparation For Productivity with Jeffery Barnett, Boston Safety & Compliance
    On this BONUS 5th Wednesday of the Month episode, Kyle Golding interviews Jeffery (Boston) Barnett, owner and Chief Consultant of Boston Safety & Compliance. He has a deep passion for ensuring that workers across all industries make it home safely at
  • How To Be a Great Podcast Host or Guest
    Tips and techniques for hosting or being a valued guest on podcasts. Special guest Casey Farmer, rookie podcaster and VP of Marketing at the BBB serving Central Oklahoma joins our podcasting veteran CEO Kyle Golding for a conversation about making the mo
  • Professional Podcasting: Communication, Not Selling
    Businesses should be utilizing podcasts to communicate without selling. Instead of going straight for the close, use podcasting to create trust, develop working relationships and build community around your brand. Who can take advantage of podcasting in
  • Joyous Disruption with Jonathan Dodson, CEO of Pivot
    Ten years ago, Jonathan Dodson traded his banking job for a regular seat at Elemental Coffee, hoping to figure out what to do with his career. Within ten months, David Wanzer asked Dodson to partner on redeveloping the Tower Theatre. Within eighteen mont
  • Healthy Employees with Jeanean Yanish Jones, E.D. of Health Alliance for the Uninsured
    Health employees are productive employees and contributing members of society. On this episode, we discuss the multitude of benefits that come from keeping our employees healthy through insurance coverage and the options employers and employees have for
  • Empowering and Employing Veterans
    Were discussing the immense value of employing Veterans for business owners, the country and the Veterans themselves with special guests Chad Watts, CEO of Scars and Stripes Coffee and Major Ed Pulido, Co-Founder of the John-Daly Major Ed Heart of a Lion
  • Business Process Management Defined and Explained
    What is Business Process Management (BPM) and how can it benefit your business? Thats the discussion today on the podcast. BPM is an absolute dedication to the continual improvement of everything that makes up your business! To start, The Golding Group D
  • Crisis Communication Protocol Review
    Thanks to recent spectacular failures in audience relations from major brands (Bud Light), organizations (FBI) and high-profile individuals (pro athletes) we decided to revisit and review one of our most popular episodes regarding the proper way to manag
  • How To Write A Strategic Plan
    Soon after we started the How To Write A Strategic Plan talk at The Treasury OKC last Friday, OKC-FD asked us to vacate the building due to a gas leak nearby. Before we were asked to leave the building, we discussed lots of great tips on the differences
  • Hannah Schmitt, Founder of the Treasury OKC
    Located on historic Film Row, The Treasury is a membership club and co-working community for driven women. The Treasury is a place where women can focus on themselves and their work and legitimize their businesses with a downtown mailing address and a sn