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We have two return guests, Suzette Change and Corey Walker, on the podcast today to talk about a BBQ fundraiser for Thick Descriptions, a non-profit org. that disrupts traditional education methods to help humans thrive where they are, building a better community with anthropology. They add anthropology to STEM education (making it STEAM). Thick Descriptions' innovative education programs offer students immersive experiences in science, technology, engineering, Anthropology and math, tailored to their communities. You can learn more and support their efforts by attending a BBQ lunch on Saturday, May 18th, 2024, at Broke Brewing (3810 N. Tulsa Ave, OKC). More details at https://www.thickdescriptions.org or on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/688493823329525. The Strategic Growth Podcast offers expert business insights, interviews with thought leaders and business plan triage for business owners, start-ups or anyone with a specific business problem. Hosted by Kyle Golding, entrepreneur and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group. Listen/Stream/Subscribe at https://bit.ly/StrategicGrowthPodcast
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