Podverse is an open source podcast manager for Android, iOS, and web with cross-platform syncing, clip and playlist sharing, an intuitive interface, and more!

  • Subscribe to podcasts
  • Play clips and episodes
  • Auto-download episodes
  • Drag-and-drop queue
  • Add podcasts by RSS
  • Sleep timer
  • Light / Dark mode
  • Create and share podcast highlights
  • Switch devices and play from where you left off
  • Sync your subscriptions across devices
  • Sync your "added by RSS" podcasts across devices
  • Sync your queue across devices
  • Create and share playlists
  • Subscribe to playlists
  • Share your user profile
  • Subscribe to user profiles

Our mission is to support the original independent spirit of podcasting. We would love to collaborate with any and all podcast apps to make our technologies as cross-compatible, convenient, and empowering for people as possible.

All Podverse software is provided free and open source (FOSS), but features that require updating our servers are available only with a Premium membership. Sign up today and get 1 year of Premium for free 🥳

If you have any questions or would be interested in collaborating please email contact@podverse.fmor reach us through one of our social media channels.

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Mitch Downey – Programmer

Creon Creonopoulos - Programmer

Gary Johnson – Designer