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Shownotes Podcasting 2.0 for November 27th 2020 Episode 13: Fire in the Hole And now, the man who beat the Rona while Riding the Lightning - Dave "Fully Noded" Jones! Crank those value sliders up everyone! Austin Resident and CEO of Fireside Mr 5x5 - Dan Benjamin Download the mp3 Support us with your Time Talent and Treasure Shownotes Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on Dan Benjamin from joins the board meeting to talk about our favorite topics: namespaces and lightning! Keywords

In this episode, Andy and Joel talk with two local pastors, Gene Troyer and Chris Knight, about the year in review. We ask tough questions like what have you learned about yourself in this pandemic year? What makes pastoring a challenge now. What are you doing to stay mentally healthy, and more. LINKS: RESTōR.churchWakarusa Missionary ChurchChris Knight on FacebookYouTube video of this episodeSupport the show on Patreon and get bonus content and moreSupport the show on Paypal with a one-time donationWebsite: Dudes And Dads PodcastFacebook: Dudes And DadsInstagram: Dudes And Dads PodcastTwitter: Dudes And DadsYouTube: Dudes And DadsCall us and leave a voicemail 574-213-8702 or send a voicenote via email feedback at DudesAndDadsPodcast dot com TIMESTAMPS: (0:00) Intro (1:08) What's Brewing (2:57) Listener Feedback (6:15) A Year in Review with Gene and Chris (1:11:18) Dudes and Dads Pop Quiz (1:21:14) Outro

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have invested a significant amount of time and money trying to avoid the mistakes made during the 2016 election.A test of those new policies came last week, when The New York Post published a story that contained supposedly incriminating documents and pictures taken from the laptop of Hunter Biden. The provenance and authenticity of that information is still in question, and Joe Biden’s campaign has rejected the assertions.We speak to Kevin Roose, a technology columnist for The Times, about how the episode reveals the tension between fighting misinformation and protecting free speech.Guest: Kevin Roose, a technology columnist for The New York Times.For more information on today’s episode, visit Background reading: Here’s Kevin’s full report on the efforts by Twitter and Facebook to limit the spread of the Hunter Biden story.The New York Post published the piece despite doubts within the paper’s newsroom — some reporters withheld their bylines and questioned the credibility of the article.Joe Biden’s campaign has rejected the assertions made in the story.

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I guess we’re on that Christmas Creep? I dunno, seems early to us, but we don’t really have much control over the timing.Suggested talking points: Ebeneezer Christmas, Mail Soup, Mrs. Claus, Whoopsie Cheese, Bookervision, Bite Whales, Delicious Drugs BarsWays to support Black Lives Matter and find anti-racism resources:

Join Cory Minton as he chats with Kyle Prins & Dean Jackson around their newest development, The Redfish Add-on for Splunk! We dive into the history of Redfish, why open standards are important, and how to get started with redfish. We also discuss the use cases of monitoring your servers via the new api and what valuable use cases you'll have for it. To finish we discuss our experience with Splunk Add-on Builder and the next steps for our add-on. Full notes here.

EPISODE 180-Contact Management & Crash Reporting Concerns This week I discuss considerations for contact management, along with several ways your stored contacts are abused, a privacy concern with Wickr and other apps which use third-party crash reporting and analytics, plus an interesting OSINT tip which could identify a target's iPhone serial number. Support for this show comes directly from my new book Extreme Privacy-Second Edition. More details can be found at Listen to ALL episodes at SHOW NOTES: INTRO: Casio Data-Cal DC-10 CONTACT MANAGEMENT: The Problems Things to Avoid Better Options Extreme Options Importing from Contacts Apps Considerations CRASH REPORTING CONCERNS: Wickr incident OSINT: Data Removal Workbook: Affiliate Links (products we use): VPN Considerations: ProtonMail: ProtonVPN: PIA VPN: Silent Pocket: Fastmail: Amazon:

Tune in to hear Daniel Tardy respond to some business owners' fears around Coronavirus.   Give us your feedback on these daily, COVID-19, bonus episodes: Text DAILYBONUS to 33444   Want to bring in Alex Judd and experience an EntreLeadership Workshop with your team? Click the link below:   Get access to the EntreLeadership Weekly Report Tool, FREE, for you and your team for 3 months: Text TEAMHEALTH to 33444 or visit   Follow us on social media to stay plugged in to everything we’re doing to help the small business owner win: LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie take a look at Bill Maher's recent segment on deprogramming Trump supporters.11.23.20Support Our SponsorsA Neighbors Choice use promo code PROBLEM20Part Of The Problem Airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm ET on the GaS Digital Network! The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show five days before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code POTP to save 15% on the entire network.Follow the show on social media:Twitter:

Ryan Goes through Vice Magazines worst articles ever written in the wake of them firing a ton of employees and having a viral video about it. This is journalism at is finest folks. artlces like how to cut off your own weiner, guide to muffing, why beto orourke is so hot and why there are trans animals.

We’re currently experiencing the biggest boom there has ever been with bourbon. But is it going to be overshadowed by the seltzer movement? And we all know that COVID has impacted every single business sector, but what has it done to alcohol and, most importantly, bourbon? From the outside it seems that business is good, but Brandy Rand, COO for IWSR who specializes in drinks analysis and trends, provides a scientific view as well as reality check on where the market is moving. Show Partners: The University of Louisville has an online Distilled Spirits Business Certificate that focuses on the business side of the spirits industry. Learn more at Penelope Bourbon is a new award-winning four grain bourbon from a unique blend of three bourbon mash bills. Available in select markets and online at Track your tasting notes and connect with other bourbon drinkers. Search for Oak Bottle App on the Apple App Store or visit You can now buy Barrell Craft Spirits products online and have them shipped right to your door. Visit and click Buy Now. Minimize drink dilution without sacrificing chill power with Meltdown, the ultimate ice ball press. Use code "PURSUIT" to receive $100 off. Learn more at The Duo Glass and Travel Decanter. Innovative products from Aged & Ore to compliment your bourbon. Visit Stop putting stickers on picks and take total control of your own private label with Krogman's. Learn more at Show Notes: Receive IWSR’s weekly industry insights email: This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about labels. Who was your childhood actor or actress crush? What is IWSR? How do you gather data? How were you all tracking bourbon growth years ago? Do you classify canned co

On tonight's show we interview dressage enthusiast Carol Cohen, after that we have a great chat about pre-purchase exams with dr. Laura Stokes-Greene and as a special treat we're going to cover 2 trainer tips. Listen in...GUESTS AND LINKS DRESSAGE EPISODE 593:Co-Hosts: Reese Koffler-Stanfield and Philip ParkesOfficial Podcast of the United States Dressage FederationTitle Sponsor: Pro-StrideGuest: Carol CohenGuest: Dr. Laura Stokes-Greene of Steel AssociatesTotal Saddle Fit Tip of the Week: Patrick TigchelaarHRN Merchandise!  Find a complete line of screen printed stuff....  and The embroidered merchandise at...Download the FREE Horse Radio Network app for iPhone and AndroidFollow Dressage Radio Show on  Facebook, and follow Horse Radio Network on TwitterPlease visit our sponsors, who make all this possible Pro-stride, Ecogold, Bates Saddles, Total Saddle Fit, Kentucky Performance Products, Hahn PlasticsSupport the show (

-CORRECTED EPISODE DUE TO CORRUPT AUDIO FILE- EPISODE 172-RSS for Privacy & OSINT This week I discuss the benefits of RSS for privacy and OSINT, plus a ton of recent privacy news and solutions. Support for this show comes directly from my new books Extreme Privacy and Open Source Intelligence Techniques. More details can be found at Listen to ALL episodes at SHOW NOTES: INTRO: "Return to sender - Addressee Deceased" PRIVACY NEWS: UBO > Dashboard > My Filters > *$websocket Test: RSS FOR PRIVACY & OSINT: Linux: Mac: Blog example: Forum example: Podcast example: CONTACT THE SHOW: privacy.podcast ~ protonmail ~ com Data Removal Workbook: Affiliate Links: VPN Considerations: ProtonVPN: ProtonMail: PIA: Amazon: Silent Pocket:

John Green reviews air conditioning and sycamore trees.

Original broadcast date: October 23, 2015. The era of open source has led to countless innovations. When does it work and when is it chaos? In this episode, TED speakers explore how open source is changing how we build, collaborate and govern.

Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jack Maxey are joined by Fog City Midge to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the media has declared the race for Joe Biden. Calling in is Ricahrd Baris, Ben Bergquam, and Boris Epshteyn with the latest.

Maynard James Keenan is a singer, songwriter, producer, winemaker, actor, and martial artist best known as the vocalist for Grammy Award-winning rock band Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle. Look for "Existential Reckoning", the new album from Puscifer, on October 30.

The mass demonstrations against police violence and racism have ignited a debate about transformational change, Republican and military leaders start to abandon Trump, and the President celebrates double-digit unemployment. Then Los Angeles District Attorney candidate George Gascón talks to Tommy about progressive criminal justice reform. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian, actor, and host. Check out his podcasts "Flagrant 2" & "The Brilliant Idiots" co-hosted with Charlamagne tha God.