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Venture Capital (VC) investing is more than just writing checks. VC firms, limited partners and individual investors offer support, connections and expertise to the startups and early-stage companies in their portfolios. To better support your investments, we have curated a specialized list of additional support services to assist essential business activities in key areas critical to VC firms and investors: Human Resources, Treasury Services, Strategic Planning, Audience Development, Fractional Leadership and Talent Recruiting and Retention. Listen/Stream/Subscribe to the podcast at https://bit.ly/StrategicGrowthPodcast Our Presenters:  • Bobby Stewart, Business Performance Advisor at Insperity https://www.insperity.com/hr-solutions/capital-markets • Brad Willis, Friendly Neighborhood Banking Guy https://www.ffb.com/small-business/treasury-services • Kyle Golding, Entrepreneur, startup advisor and 2019-20 chairman of the Oklahoma Venture Forum https://thegoldinggroup.com/fractional-ceo • Corey Walker, reformed corporate recruiter at Ncite Partners https://ncitepartners.com This podcast is to introduce you to professional services for investment companies outside the standard legal, accounting and marketing support. Our goal is to provide information about new and different options you might not be aware of or currently utilizing. These services can add value to your offer sheets and increase the potential for success in your business portfolio.  Please join us on Thursday, October 12th at The Verge OKC for networking, a brief presentation and direct conversations with our experts about capital growth support services specifically for VC firms, limited partners and venture investors followed by a Happy Hour at Oklahoma Craft Brewhouse sponsored by Insperity. Special thanks to our partner Kristin Garcia, Operations Director at The Verge OKC. RSVP for free at https://bit.ly/VCHappyHourOKC The Strategic Growth Podcast offers expert business insights, interviews with thought leaders and business plan triage for business owners, start-ups or anyone with a specific business problem. Hosted by Kyle Golding, entrepreneur and Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group. Subscribe, so you never miss an episode.
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