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Rebranding an existing business is not an easy task to be taken lightly, but when done right the benefits are worth the extra effort, attention to detail and dedication to the process. Our guest on episode 184 is Tim Priebe, CEO of Backslash Creative, which recently went through a multi-year rebranding process from T&S Online Marketing (since 2014) and the original launch name of T&S Web Design. The Backslash Creative team recently unveiled (still technically in transition) the major rebrand as part of their 20th business anniversary. https://backslashcreative.com We discuss the motivation to make the change, details of the rebranding process and the importance of doing everything as close to perfect as you can to make a rebranding effort worthwhile and ultimately beneficial. Priebe is also the Publisher of the Edmond Business online magazine and has written 5 books on web design, social media and digital marketing. The Strategic Growth Podcast offers expert business insights, interviews with thought leaders and business plan triage for business owners, start-ups or anyone with a specific business problem. Listen, watch, stream or subscribe: https://bit.ly/StrategicGrowthPodcast
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