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Biotech, nanotech and medical device development are rapidly advancing in Oklahoma. Chelsea Luxen, CEO of ParaNano Wound Care, is one of the innovators in these industries in the Sooner State. Her startup is a pre-clinical company founded in 2018 directed towards the development and commercialization of an advanced wound care product line called the Nanosheet™, a flexible nanofiber membrane that visually changes color when infection is detected all with no wires, batteries or cumbersome device. The progressive color change is easy to interpret (if it has turned green your wound is infected). Luxen is best known for her strong business sense and proven skills in business development and growth, administration and project management. She has co-founded three companies, each with license agreements to technology from institutions including the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Manitoba. Luxen has developed numerous animal model proposals directed toward FDA clearance and worked closely with FDA consultants to develop regulatory strategies. The Strategic Growth Podcast offers expert business insights, interviews with thought leaders and business plan triage for business owners, start-ups or anyone with a specific business problem. Listen, watch, stream or subscribe: bit.ly/StrategicGrowthPodcast
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