A podcast for the community of Jupiter Broadcasting, the Open Source media powerhouse of the Internet. Get the inside scope on our projects, the future of independent media, and decentralized community.

Value for Value ⚡️

  • 30: Zuck Dub Time Machine
    We travel 10 years into the future and report back on how podcasts and Jupiter Broadcasting are doing after all those years.
  • 29: Let's Play Doctor
    We look back at some classic JB shows and chat about why they ended.
  • 28: Everyone Had a Podcast
    Have you noticed there is a podcast for everything? That's all about to change. Our thoughts on why the podcast market is going bust this year.
  • 27: It's About to Get Real
    A change is in the air.
  • 26: Berlin Hangover
    Brent shares some rip-roaring tales from Berlin, and we introduce the new contributor who can publish to production.
  • 25: Dipstick Consoeur
    Disaster strikes the studio, and Chris jumps into action while Brent battles the packet wars of 1996.
  • 24: 🦒
    The crew takes on a new challenge this week. How hard could it be? Very. Plus, the major open source issue we've zeroed in on.
  • 23: Bleeding the Feed
    We throw Office Hours into the middle of our biggest beta test yet!
  • 22: Running with Flaming Chainsaws
    We blow the lid off a secret project and get LIT.
  • 21: Boiling the Frog
    If you've noticed something a little off about your favorite podcasts, we might know why.
  • 20: Breaking Brent
    We're kicking off some new projects, catching up with old friends, and react to a new podcast app that automatically skips ads.
  • 19: What We're Building Next
    We have some big plans for 2023, and we share the next steps to fully host our podcast infrastructure.
  • 18: AI Action Show
    We challenged ChatGPT to create a Linux news podcast outline and then put it to the test.
  • 17: And What Do You Do?
    The worst part about being a Podcaster; our pitch to eliminate nearly all holidays and some hard questions.
  • 16: Sats Over Snake Oil
    Why LBRY was never going to win, and how they have just screwed all crypto. And a new feature in the works for our listeners by our listeners.
  • 15: One PR At a Time
    We recap a busy night after a studio power outage, then dig into what makes an open-source project worth contributing to. Why do some fail while others grow and prosper?
  • 14: Debian Downer
    It was one technical disaster after another, we recap the series of technical challenges that killed all future shows from the road.
  • 13: One Long Monday
    We get you caught up on one heck of a trip.
  • 12: Don't Clip and Drive
    Brent recounts a harrowing near miss on his road trip to the studio, and a surprise outage leaves Chris scrambling after launching the website.
  • 11: Flipping The Switch
    We're pushing our new website to production live on the show today. We have no idea how things will turn out - but we're taking you along for the ride either way!