A podcast for the community of Jupiter Broadcasting, the Open Source media powerhouse of the Internet. Get the inside scope on our projects, the future of independent media, and decentralized community.

Value for Value (V4V) ⚡️

  • 9: We Hate Crypto Too
    Why we hate crypto more than you, plus a frank conversation about boosts in our shows, some big lessons learned from our new website project, and the things we'd never do again.
  • 8: A Good Problem to Have
    We're learning on the job this week as the deadline for our new website is just around the corner. Plus, a dirty little secret that explains why most tech press coverage sucks.
  • 7: Podcasting is Back
    The community is quick at work; we share major updates on our new website project, and chat with the "Official" Podcasting 2.0 consultant to find out what he's developing next for podcast listeners.
  • 6: Peer to Peer Future
    Outdoor networking adventures, new decentralized tools we're building, and a great chat with one of the co-founders of Podverse - an impressive open-source Podcasting 2.0 app.
  • 5: The Real MVP
    We have a laugh at Spotify, then check out a minimum viable project for the new Jupiter Broadcasting website.
  • 4: Finding Our Squeaky Wheels
    We've made some essential decisions for our big projects, what really has us excited about Podcasting 2.0, and the real problem with Boosts.
  • 3: New Website Energy
    It's a summer of projects, we get into our plans to totally rebuild our website, some new Podcasting 2.0 features and, Brent takes his first bite of the Raspberry Pi.
  • 2: Podcasting Perils
    We kick off a new show and chat about the rapid centralization facing the podcast industry. Then we share some secret future Jupiter Broadcasting plans.
  • 1: The Enthusiast Trap
    What is the enthusiast trap, and why does it seem to ensnarl every successful open source project? Also, some excellent listener power user tips for NextCloud.