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A quick Pocket Office from "the field" on the new tech inbound to Office Hours and a big update on our bounty for episode 34!Sponsored By:Send us a Boost w/a new Podcast App: Send a boost into the show, try out a new app, and help keep podcasting independent. Links:Sovereign FeedsIPFS PodcastingIPFS Podcasting | Umbrel App Store — Turn your Umbrel into an IPFS node for self-hosting, crowd-hosting, and archiving of your favorite podcasts to the IPFS network.IPFS Podcast Prefix | IPFS Podcasting — You can configure your feed to load episodes from IPFS using a podcast prefix in your enclosure url.Run a Node | IPFS Podcasting — If you have a mini-PC (i.e. Raspberry Pi), an old computer, or an advanced server, you can run a node to host podcast episodes.
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