Chris Fisher

Value for Value ⚡️

Episode Summary

Disaster strikes the studio, and Chris jumps into action while Brent battles the packet wars of 1996.Sponsored By:Linode: Get $100 to check out a rocking Linode system, and support the show!Send us a Boost w/a new Podcast App: Send a boost into the show, try out a new app, and help keep podcasting independent. Links:LinuxFest Northwest 2023 — October 20-22, 2023 Bellingham Technical CollegeDipstick Check Pic — Gotta check that stick.Can overfilling oil cause a misfire? — If there’s enough getting past the piston rings, yes.PeerTube-Headless-Seeder — This container uses Python, Selenium, and Firefox to monitor and seed live streams of a PeerTube channel headlessly.Value for Value: Free Webinar, March 30th Alby — Lightning for your Browser! — Alby brings Boosts to the web.
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