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Why independent media is getting just as bad as mainstream media, and Brent's escape from a wildfire. Plus, an update on our new bounty release format!Sponsored By:Linode: Get $100 to check out a rocking Linode system, and support the show!Join the Party! The Jupiter Membership Party: Join the party and get exclusive content. Send us a Boost w/a new Podcast App: Send a boost into the show, try out a new app, and help keep podcasting independent. Links:🎉 Alby: Your Boost companion for the web — Create an Alby Account to get a lightning wallet for payments wherever you go. ⚡️ Office Hours on the — Boost from the Web. Once you have Alby topped off, you can Boost from our page on the Podcast Index. ▶️ Upgrade to a Podcasting 2.0 App — Alternate Enclosure, Boostagrams, Chapters, Funding, Live, Sat Streaming, Search, Social Interact, Soundbite, Transcript, and more!BC Wildfire Service — Fire size is based on the last known estimated size in hectares.Twitter says it will start paying creators this week — So far, payout amounts are ranging from a few thousand dollars to nearly $40,000 for accounts with a few million followers. In a thread, Twitter says it will expand eligibility to more creators later this month. Bitcoin, Nostr & Freedom Tech with Matt Odell — What Bitcoin Did — “Freedom dies by people just taking a little bit more and a little bit more… we just end up in a situation people are like ‘How the fuck did we end up here?’ And at some point down the line you have to practice civil disobedience and say: ‘No, I will not fucking comply.’”Driving From Texas to Inspire Salvadoran Entrepreneurs with Bitcoin Micro-Loans - YouTube — What's it like to load-up and drive to from Texas to El Salvador?
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