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Have you noticed there is a podcast for everything? That's all about to change. Our thoughts on why the podcast market is going bust this year.Special Guest: Michael Tunnell.Sponsored By:Linode: Get $100 to check out a rocking Linode system, and support the show!Join the Party! The Jupiter Membership Party: Join the party and get exclusive content. Send us a Boost w/a new Podcast App: Send a boost into the show, try out a new app, and help keep podcasting independent. Links:Military Fighter Jets flying by you on Columbia river - YouTube — Military fighter jet flew by on the Columbia river as we were boating and enjoying the day . They sound so awesome!!😎Pacific Northwest Low Level Cockpit View — The VAQ-141 Shadowhawks 2012 Cruise Video Chapter 1. Low level flight on VR1350 and VR1355.Top Gun: Maverick in real life, EA-18G flying on the VR-1355. - YouTube — Known as "The Million-Dollar Ride," this is 15 minutes of the best part of the VR-1355 through the Cascade Mountains in Washington StateTuxDigital — TuxDigital is a Educational media network that advocates for Open Source technology.Michael Tunnell - YouTube — Michael provides Linux related how-tos, tutorials, tips, tricks, reviews and more to help people Use, Learn and Enjoy Linux.Michael Tunnell on Twitter — Content Creator / Podcaster for @TuxDigitalNet. Linux Enthusiast. I also do Design work occasionally.Statistical release calendar 2023 — In accordance with the conditions for pre-release access to official statistics set out in the DCMS statement of compliance, Ofcom's official statistics are eligible for privileged early access to named individuals. We publish the lists of those individuals against the relevant statistics.Ofcom Podcast Survey 2023 — The Podcast survey involved using research agency Yonder’s online panel between 3rd and 12th March 2023, and used a 1,884 nationally representative sample of which 518 were non podcast users, 1,006 were regular podcast users and 360 were occasional podcast users. A boost was used to ensure that there were at least 1,000 regular users, to provide robustness when asking questions of regular users. Podcasts lose their edge, with slowing advertising and fewer newcomers — Podc
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