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Blighthouse Studio | RealmDrama, Fiction
Blighthouse Studio | RealmDrama, Fiction
Blighthouse Studio | RealmDrama, Fiction


Counterbalance is a High Fantasy Audio Drama. A hole has been torn into the weave that creates magic, allowing spirits that threaten the wellbeing of mortals to manifest. Counterbalance is about the journey of three people attempting to fix the hole, while trying to find out who caused it to rip in the first place.

  • 10 | Interference
    After their encounter with the last bunch of spirits, Raka, Lyn and Malaki enter a nearby town to warn them of the nearby threats. But the inhabitants are less than happy about their pressence...
  • 09 | Stone Serpent
    AreSpirit behaviour becomes odder with every league Raka, Lyn and Malaki get closer to the tangleweave.
  • 08 | Dew Breath
    The friction between Malaki and the Spirits is almost palpable, and and the choices he makes leave Raka and Lyn absolutely gasping for air.
  • 07 | Heatsphere
    Raka, now accompanied by Lyn, finally set out to find the edges of the Tangleweave.
  • 06 | Dreameaters
    Things have finally calmed down and Raka is able to continue her interviews with the refugees in the village.
  • 05 | Vicious Circle
    Raka is forced to summon the gluttonous spirit into the world to sooth it.
  • ?? | Counterbloopance 02
    Counterbloops of Episode
  • 04 | Wind Friction
    A mild disturbance causes Raka to venture out into the night to find possible spirits roaming the forest.
  • ?? | Counterbloopance 01
    Counterbalance presents Counterbloops!
  • 03 | Ascending Deity
    What are Raka's goals in life?
  • 02 | Broken Soul
    Who and what is affected by Tangleweaves?
  • 01 | Windshell
    The Journey to the Skundr begins.
  • Teaser 03 | Malaki
    Meet Malaki, the third in our Trio, as he has a friendly chat with an unusual late night visitor.
  • Teaser 02 | Lyn
    Meet Lyn, as she plays with her horde of cats and eats some Surprise eggs with her friend Ashley.
  • Teaser 01 | Raka
    Meet Raka and Auril, two teachers at the university of Kærûn, as they experiment with new magic technology, while a student recites a Poem for their entertainment.