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This is not a Counterbalance Episode, but a special Halloween Feature written by Kessir Riliniki and sounddesigned by Sarah Buchynski. This production was their first collaboration together.Starring:Sarah Rhea-Werner as WyldaHeather Spiegel-Auden as RaleighErika Sanderson as IngridBeth Crane as the WolpertingerEle Matelan as the ChimeraDirected by Sarah GoldingProduced by Sarah BuchynskiMusical score by Katharine Seaton11th Hour Audio Productions presents a collaboration betweenTrilunisQuirky VoicesPolarity Audio WorksGirl in SpaceYou Are HereNo SleepWildclaw TheatreWe Fix Space Junk Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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