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Blighthouse Studio | RealmDrama, Fiction
Blighthouse Studio | RealmDrama, Fiction

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CW: Depiction of a Panic-attackNesþanuka - 102nd day of Bäkkos, 5th year of the Vær, 101st GenerationWhat happened to Raka, Lyn and Malaki after the events of the last episode? Let’s roll some four-sided dice and find out…Find the Transcript here.Want to read the Original Script of Counterbalance Episode 1? You can find it here!Counterbalance is an immersive high fantasy audiodrama and is a production of the Blighthouse Studio. Find more content from the Counterbalance world at Trilunis.comCastRaka - Kessir RilinikiLyn - Carollyn Monterola-KoezleMalaki - Eyþór ViðarssonFerryce - Ester EllisAuril - Travis VengroffYosha - Hem Brewster (The Lucky Die)Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, InstragramOr support us on Patreon or Ko-Fi!This is a Blighthouse Studio production.To send us your screenshots of reviews for the Raffle, please send them to counterbalance@blighthouse.studio! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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