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Kessir (Raka), Vee (Yosha) and Eyþór (Malaki) have some important announcements regarding Counterbalance to share with you!We’re giving away “Make Runes not War” Stickers with white or black ink respectively. Be sure to check our social media handles of your choice to see what they look like! You can get one by reviewing Counterbalance on any Podcast catcher you can leave a review on! Simply send us a screenshot of your review to, let us know what color sticker you would like and please include your address.Among all who send in a screenshot, we will also raffle out a bawler Counterbalance Poster, signed by the three of us! Deadline for the Raffle is going to be 30th of December 2023.Remember to join us on our Counterbalance-centric AMA on 30th of September 2023 at 6pm/18:00 UTC on our Patreon feed!Now please enjoy this Teaser of Counterbalance Season 2! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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