Neal O'CarrollComedy, Fiction, Improv
Neal O'CarrollComedy, Fiction, Improv
Neal O'CarrollComedy, Fiction, Improv
Neal O'CarrollComedy, Fiction, Improv


When dry-witted Irish under-achiever, acquired taste amateur humourist, socially awkward practically unheard-of legally blind cat obsessive and husband Neal O'Carroll ingests a litre of generic energy drinks, he undergoes a magical transformation. He becomes a purveyor of madcap monologues, fanastical tales, comical tirades, nonsensical but impressively argued opinions, ludicrious lectures and a unique and novel way of pronouncing the word "dog". Along with his signature Two Cats Walk into a Bar stories, every segment is begun with no idea how the first sentence will end, never mind what the subject, if any, will be. Partly inspired by classic radio comedy Just a Minute, Into Your Head is a one-of-a-kind stream of conciousness comedy podcast by Neal from Ireland, and a creative method practiced and honed gradually over 18 years and 800 episodes. Please note the first 500 are not recommended for the uninitiated.

  • 814: An Itch no McBreakfast can Scratch
    Neal illustrates the Mandela Effect phenomenum using Status Quo’s discography, reevaluates Popeye, changes your mind about socks and discusses what we know about helicoptors, how elevators should work, a clever trick for locating a cordless phone with .
  • 813: Getting the Fliuch out of Here
    Neal discusses popping your Bs, the trouble with playing a zombie, how to purchase free tap water in pubs, BB Max and other nemeses, apple seed myths, the globalisation of bin day, a tip for listeners who don't enjoy this voice, a card game nation,
  • 812: The IRA and Everest
    Neal takes an objective look at Hansel and Gretel and discusses the trouble with heroin, basement-attic philosophy, the IRA on Everest, the argument against thought experiments, broken leg mysteries, the rainy day myth, advice for News Junkies,
  • 811: How to Win BIG in the Confession Box
    Neal discusses Bivouacs, shoes in radio dramas, traversing North Korea, how to talk to your child about podcasting, the phrase teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs, urinal troughs on trains, inventing the commuter picnic, cartoons about puppets,
  • 810: The Littlest Hobo and the Leprosy Bell
    Neal discusses things to consider when falling to Earth, the impenetrable mechanics of swatting a fly, victim-blaming a fly, nondescriptness, a dog's attempts to line it's stomach, why the Littlest Hobo should learn better posture,
  • 809: And the Elevator Seal Maintenance Dog you Rode in On
    Neal discusses explaining Pink Floyd to a cat, understanding the Middle East, how parrots work, cars that are very wide and very short, how to dress a performing seal, Chevies, levees, levies, Daewoo, the building layout in Cheers,
  • 808: My Trunk, My Choice
    Neal presents a new original Quentin Tarantino dialogue about a bank heist of a bulding that once housed Robin Island jail (tasteful), and discusses assisting an elephant with self exploration, a bland thing that you're sucking on all day,
  • 807: Pope Bollo XI
    Neal discusses what happens to your child if they listen to this, what your cat does to feel alive, how to organise a legalised crime purchase regime, reporting future cold cases, Demolition Man (1993), prepping your child for an era of burning and dro
  • 806: Blood in your Head of Guinness
    Neal discusses a problem he has in common with Beatle Paul McCartney, a surgeon and a tree surgeon comparing notes, truly hollow fruits, the body as a trickle down economy, doctors berating the comatose, the very worst thing to take on a plane,
  • 805: Two Handcuffs or Three?
    In a podcast laden with twists and nail-biting revelations as we sit in on a jail-hardened dog's parole review, Neal considers what an M and M is, Mother Nature's periodic landscapes, a doctor's views on bi-directional blackboard scraping,
  • 804: Intellectually Honest Meatloaf Recipies
    In the first show of 2024 Neal discusses the term "west brit", Trevelyan, a cat avoiding New Year's beer scams, a dog's dealings with the registrar of deaths and stuff, defining hella dodgy, Hurricane Charlie mountain memories, songs about meatloaf,
  • 803: Christmas on a Popsicle Stick
    In a Christmas special culminating in the heartwarming story of a foulmouthed fake Santa who holds up bars, Neal discusses face cloth enthusiasts, introducing your child to A Clockwork Orange (1972), conversations with a working dog,
  • 802: Custody of a Padlock
    Neal discusses reassuring a fast food operative who's seen Michael Douglas in Falling Down (1993), the trouble with one-way vocal chords, whodunnits at mass, thoughts of a depressed eternal dog, bar security's guide to aging a cat,
  • 801: Air Investigator First, Elephant Second
    Neal discusses sit-com bunk bed envy, takey-offey parachutes versus landy parachutes, a dignified way to kill off libraries, eternal peanuts, where cabaret fits in the grand scheme of things, a curtailed feed remnant advisory for returning listeners,
  • 800: You could fry an egg on the rocks
    In an 800th episode during which he may have overdone the energy drinks somewhat, (although the Cat Stevens part is true) Neal exposes a gaping loophole for toddler movie producers and discusses merry-go-rounds versus the events depicted in The Deer Hu..
  • 799: High Praise from a Giraffe
    Neal discusses the imaginary listener's secret existential crisis, approximating the taste of grass for the discerning diner, a new way to measure your height, whether crosswords count as relaxation, changing atitudes to chimneys,
  • 798: How Silence Works
    In an hour culminating in an elightening explanation, using the story of his recently departed mother's 1950s or early 1960s Atlantic crossing, of how silence works, Neal discusses why animals need to become gardeners,
  • 797: No Kneecapping
    Neal discusses turning against Tom Hanks, a cat versus Pope Benedict XVI, Apple Pencils in banks, turning against Monopoly, a beverage based on some woman off Deep Space Nine, misexplaining Occupy Wall Street, off-air cat songs,
  • 796: Quod Erat Vometorium
    Neal discusses filling a bath from the bottom, an anti-prelude, harmonica haters, witchhunts under Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, isolated tool-blaming, the case for (domestic) cats vomiting on each other, QED memories,
  • 795: A Weekend in Jail
    Neal deals with how head transplants do or don't work, cinematography of Pope John Paul II and Oscar Schindler, how donkeys are processed hygenically, the problem with Steve Jobs RIP, a cat purchasing fake magic in a laundrette,