Neal O CarrollComedy, Improv, Stand-Up
Neal O CarrollComedy, Improv, Stand-Up
Neal O CarrollComedy, Improv, Stand-Up
Neal O CarrollComedy, Improv, Stand-Up


Unique comedy podcast from Ireland. When dry witted Irishman, acquired taste underachieving hobbiest humourist, socially awkward entirely unheard-of legally blind cat obsessive and husband Neal O’Carroll downs a generic energy drink, something magical happens. There emerges a silver-tongued* purveyor of comical monologues, absurd analogies, illogical yet impressively argued opinions and copious Two Cats walk into a Bar stories. Each segment starts with no idea how the sentence will end or what topics may emerge. A ludicrious creative method inspired partly by radio’s Just a Minute. *Asterix purely decorative.

  • 824: Method Actor's Superman
    Neal gives an overview of the second hand sock market, considers how a method actor tackles Superman, wonders whether scalding the roof of your mouth would soften your Cs and discusses the presumptiousness of Stan and Ollie (2018), songs from The...
  • 823: Lay Ministers Can’t Wipe
    Neal considers how a cat learns to smoke in the current regulatory environment, explains your child’s hunger for paramilitary-style balaclavas and discusses risky versus risqué, Jesus’ disastrous impact on local fishing,
  • 822: In Case This is Being Recorded
    Neal puts beekeeping under the spotlight, recounts an old cat-related head injury, imagines how normal people say “dog” and discusses bin day in a Stephen King novel, belch fraud, virus creation hobbiests, anti meditation vigiilantism, unsubscribing,
  • 821: Deep Dive on Overthinking
    Neal discusses what they did to Craig Ferguson, humanoid cats fraternising with regular cats, what to do if your president freezes, elastic band fracture science, a deep dive on overthinking, interpretating foreign languge gestures,
  • 820: Talking Cat Cuss Therapy
    Neal examines what we know about farm animal cravings, contemplates career progression in a firm of guitarists, reimagines Sinéad O’Connor’s SNL pope photo protest, exposes the restaurant toothpick scam and discusses humanely expelling a wasp,
  • 819: Nine to Five for the Shipwrecked
    Neal proposes a twelve step approach to ET and discusses nine to five life for the shipwrecked, anti-social astronauts, saving on invisible ink, how raisons d’etre work, the truth about gout, a new understanding of you Americans,
  • 818: Punch in the Face or More Genesis?
    Neal discusses black boxes in popular culture, a role for camels in health spas, TV casket reunions, ambidextrous banking, a foot-related tip for smokers, a cat’s analysis of the songs of Genesis, wishful thinking about superjet lounges,
  • 817: Warning – Hermit Crabs from the Outset (poor audio in parts)
    Pardon the slightly off audio in places, due to misadventure. Neal exposes the abhorrent life of the cranberry sauce obsessive, remembers a disturbing mass produced heart surgery portrait and discusses whiskey in sit-coms,
  • 816: Intermission Me Bollix
    Neal makes an empassioned case for the return of the sitcom theme song, considers assembling a whale stomach survival kit, provides a brief orientation for new listeners, has a go at defining the parameters for a study of the interchangeability of pota...
  • 815: No to Intestinal Retrieval No to Intestinal Retrival
    Neal looks at how dogs instintively guard agains snout detachment, how the savvy traveller uses their tailwind Time Savings, why your burner phone doesn’t make you a loser. Stephen King’s afterlude process, fun toilet cistern disposal methods,
  • 814: An Itch no McBreakfast can Scratch
    Neal illustrates the Mandela Effect phenomenom using Status Quo’s discography, reevaluates Popeye, changes your mind about socks and discusses what we know about helicoptors, how elevators should work, a clever trick for locating a cordless phone with .
  • 813: Getting the Fliuch out of Here
    Neal discusses popping your Bs, the trouble with playing a zombie, how to purchase free tap water in pubs, BB Max and other nemeses, apple seed myths, the globalisation of bin day, a tip for listeners who don’t enjoy this voice, a card game nation,
  • 812: The IRA and Everest
    Neal takes an objective look at Hansel and Gretel and discusses the trouble with heroin, basement-attic philosophy, the IRA on Everest, the argument against thought experiments, broken leg mysteries, the rainy day myth, advice for News Junkies,
  • 811: How to Win BIG in the Confession Box
    Neal discusses Bivouacs, shoes in radio dramas, traversing North Korea, how to talk to your child about podcasting, the phrase teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs, urinal troughs on trains, inventing the commuter picnic, cartoons about puppets,
  • 810: The Littlest Hobo and the Leprosy Bell
    Neal discusses things to consider when falling to Earth, the impenetrable mechanics of swatting a fly, victim-blaming a fly, nondescriptness, a dog’s attempts to line it’s stomach, why the Littlest Hobo should learn better posture,
  • 809: And the Elevator Seal Maintenance Dog you Rode in On
    Neal discusses explaining Pink Floyd to a cat, understanding the Middle East, how parrots work, cars that are very wide and very short, how to dress a performing seal, Chevies, levees, levies, Daewoo, the building layout in Cheers,
  • 808: My Trunk, My Choice
    Neal presents a new original Quentin Tarantino dialogue about a bank heist of a bulding that once housed Robin Island jail (tasteful), and discusses assisting an elephant with self exploration, a bland thing that you’re sucking on all day,
  • 807: Pope Bollo XI
    Neal discusses what happens to your child if they listen to this, what your cat does to feel alive, how to organise a legalised crime purchase regime, reporting future cold cases, Demolition Man (1993), prepping your child for an era of burning and dro
  • 806: Blood in your Head of Guinness
    Neal discusses a problem he has in common with Beatle Paul McCartney, a surgeon and a tree surgeon comparing notes, truly hollow fruits, the body as a trickle down economy, doctors berating the comatose, the very worst thing to take on a plane,
  • 805: Two Handcuffs or Three?
    In a podcast laden with twists and nail-biting revelations as we sit in on a jail-hardened dog’s parole review, Neal considers what an M and M is, Mother Nature’s periodic landscapes, a doctor’s views on bi-directional blackboard scraping,