Leading the Bleeding: The Intersection of Podcasting and Bitcoin
Dave Jackson

Are you looking to jump into the Podcasting 2.0 Value 4 Value Model but don't understand a damn thing anyone is talking about when it comes to all this satoshi, nodes, sphinx, etc?

So are we!

Join us on the bleeding edge of streaming satoshis for podcasters as we examine the value for value business model.

On September 2nd, 2021 about 15-20 podcasters got together to talk about the value for value model where podcasters can receive bitcoin from their audience using apps from newpodcastapps.com  At this point, it is very VERY early in the process, and there are some speed bumps along the way.  TUTORIALS ON USING SATOSHIS.STREAM Video - Dave Jackson https://youtu.be/tpY1UD6a3gQ Written - James Cridland How to do value4value and earn Bitcoin from your podcast CHECK OUT OUR RESOURCES leadingthebleeding.com/resources TOPICS 00:35  CryptoCurrency 01:07  But What About Bitcoin Alternatives? 02:46  Namespace is??? 03:20  The Openness of the Namespace 04:10  Three Options to Set Up Your Podcast 05:55  Boostagram 06:46  The Advantage of Hosting Your Own Node? 08:27  Wallets 16:20  Adding Your Show to Podcastindex.org 18:24  Setting Up a Listener 25:45  Evaluating Income 26:24  The Telegram Apps 28:14  How Do I Know This is Working? 28:47  Show Only V4V Shows MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Podcast Index http://www.podcastindex.org Podcasterwallet.com Used to submit your show to podcastindex.org

Today Dave Jackson kicks of this "Journey Podcast" about the streaming bitcoin part of "Podcasting 2.0" Topics Include: 00:20 I Don't Understand Crypto 02:37 Value For Value 06:40 Creating the Counsel Culture 07:46 Sponsorship is Censorship 08:32 What is a Satoshi 09:41 What is to Come MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Value4value.io No Agenda Show Podcastindex.org Coming in the Future Coinbase CLAIM=747e22328a9e486a1e88c9fb4144f69ebc942c8d=CLAIM Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/leading-the-bleeding-bitcoin-value-for-value/donations