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Join us for an eye-opening journey into the future of podcasting in this episode titled "What if YouTube Podcasts Succeeds?" As we navigate the swirling currents of possibilities, your hosts, Daniel J. Lewis and Dave Jackson dive into a sea of burning questions and bold predictions. What would the long-term repercussions be in a world where Google Podcasts outruns its competitors? The hosts will consider this scenario, examining potential outcomes and opportunities for creators and users. We share his firsthand experience with YouTube Music, giving a quick test to understand the user interface and the integration of podcasts. Meanwhile, Dave brings the perspective of audiobooks on Spotify to the table, drawing comparisons and outlining the benefits and caveats of diversifying content types. Indulge in a thought experiment with us — "What If It Was Good?" — contemplating the ideal scenario of Google mastering podcast integration. Your Hosts Find Dave at schoolofpodcasting.com Find Daniel at theaudacitytopodcast.com NEW TO BITCOIN? Check out our resources at leadingthebleeding.com/resources FOLLOW THE SHOW Apple - Spotify - Podcast Guru - Castomatic Support The Show Daniel Podgagement - Boost Your Audience Engagement Social Subscribe and Follow Plugin Dave Buy Dave a Coffee  Join the School of Podcasting Profit From Your Podcast Book Mentioned In This Episode The Audacity to Podcast School of Podcasting Million Dollar Weekend Book (aff) Bible.com - FREE  Amazon Kindle Reader
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