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Today's episode looks at podcast measurement standards. We discussed the challenges of open-source analytics, the critical need for integrity in data, and how industry standards like IAB certification are shaping the landscape. We explored how these measurements impact both podcasters and advertisers. Our conversation also underscored the necessity of community support in fostering sustainable models that respect creators and listeners. Your HostsFind Dave at schoolofpodcasting.comFind Daniel at theaudacitytopodcast.com  Support The ShowDanielPodgagement - Boost Your Audience EngagementSocial Subscribe and Follow PluginDaveBuy Dave a Coffee Join the School of PodcastingProfit From Your Podcast Book Mentioned in This EpisodeThe Audacity to PodcastSchool of Podcasting OP3 Statshttps://op3.dev/Podcast 2.2 Standardshttps://iabtechlab.com/standards/podcast-measurement-guidelines/Podcast Certified Companies (it shows compliant....)https://iabtechlab.com/compliance-programs/compliant-companies/#
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