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In today's episode, we dive into the seasons feature. We discuss everything from the introduction of seasons by Apple Podcasts back in 2017 to the latest proposal enhancements, such as adding decimal numbers and unique images for each season. Listen in as we explore how these new features can simplify podcast organization and enhance the listener experience, making your podcast look more visually appealing in apps.Your HostsFind Dave at schoolofpodcasting.comFind Daniel at theaudacitytopodcast.com  Mentioned in This EpisodeThe Audacity to PodcastSchool of Podcasting Seasons Discussion on Githubhttps://github.com/Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace/discussions/638A Tidy Interface for OP3 Statshttps://rpodcast.github.io/op3r/OP3 Statshttps://op3.dev/Support The ShowDanielPodgagement - Boost Your Audience EngagementSocial Subscribe and Follow PluginDaveBuy Dave a Coffee Join the School of PodcastingProfit From Your Podcast Book New Podcast AppsListen to this podcast on any of the fine value-enabled app at www.newpodcastapps.com  If your media host doesn't support Podcasting 2.0 contact their support. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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  • Opening
  • Serial and Seasons
  • Two New Ideas
  • Seasons By Topic
  • Building the UI
  • Daniel's Proposal
  • Image Size
  • Boostagrams!
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