Live To Tape with Johnny Pemberton
Johnny Pemberton
Johnny Pemberton talks to people. It’s funny, weird, inspiring, and sounds cool.
Sonic halloween experts,  psychedelic goth trailblazers, and high-order witches, Bonnie Bloomgarden and Laura Kelsey of "Death Valley Girls" guest on another mind-altering trip to the executive buffet featuring daddy's big red truck co-pilot, Britt Pemberton.

Effervescent proselytizer of rock, unstoppable comedic madman, multicultural incense dealer, Josh Adam Meyers, puts his hands directly on the branch to record what could be the last studio podcast ever. At least for this iteration of the executive buffet.

International photography wunderkind, marathon challenge accepter, and renowned comedic madman party blaster, Brooks Wheelan, jacks into the executive buffet for an hour of pure bliss.

Notorious reincarnation advocate, globetrotting soothsayer, and vanguard comedic bad-boy, Moshe Kasher, makes his first appearance at the executive buffet dropping talmudic knowledge like never before.

Magnanimous pep prepper, color coordinating art wizard, and podcast wellspring, Andy J Pizza, returns to the executive buffet right when you know you needed him most! A full big red truck load of advice and thoughtful messages sprinkled throughout this episode for your most extreme enjoyment.

Raw milk renderer, gross-out specialist, and full-spectrum chameleon, Natalie Palamides, returns to the executive buffet for a once again round the bend number one friend blend. Some great stories and atmospheres are created for your extreme enjoyment!

Guitar boy superstar, southern disco skate demigod, and top American comedian, Whitmer Thomas, jumps off the deep end into the digital hot tub on daddy's big red truck. It's an at-home executive buffet, the first of its kind!

Globetrotting tastemaker, shapeshifting comedic mastermind, and weaponized psychedelic tone-poem, Nina Tarr, joins the executive buffet for a full ninety minutes of exotic sound infusions and verbal reparté!

An instant classic in the new genre of zoom-based podcast recordings. Johnny is joined on the executive buffet by the inimitable and ever effervescent Blair Socci fresh from a thousand hours of breathe work.

Bear tunnel connoisseur, fur smell expert, and renowned wildlife biologist, Wes Larson (AKA "Grizkid" on instagram), skypes into the executive buffet for a long scintillating discussion on his amazing experiences with wildlife all over the world. Plus a deep dive into the wonderful realm of ursus americanus!

Pioneering American word-mouther, intergalactic podcast distributor, and Antarctic ice-hole jockey, DUNCAN TRUSSELL, drops into wind zone for an opus legacy recording! A classic 2 hour mega cough session all fully pre-COVID.  It's a stacked pile of audio sugar for your listening coffee.

Comedian of Canadian origin, soothsayer extraordinaire, and luxury hotel expert, Debra DiGiovanni, lays waste to the faces of Johnny and Blair with tales of all types. A modern comedic GEM deb dazzles like no other in the land of the executive buffet.

Mental mastermind, vessel of the immutable almighty, and comedian, Steve Hernandez, returns to the executive buffet to deliver insightful mega doses to Blair and Johnny. The trio get locked into several intellectual and semantical stand-offs which all end delightfully in peaceful accord and laughter.

Forward blasting psychonaut magician, internationally touring comedian, and 5 letter name bonanza, Shane Mauss, slides into the hottest zone of executives for a buffet of the purest sort.

Effervescent comedic force, character chameleon, and ex-east coast mafiosa, Alyssa Limperis, steps into the curated executive buffet for an intervention and celebration with the duo of Blair and Johnny.

Comedian, legendary podcaster, man of supreme wellness, and musical wunderkind, Howard Kremer, steps into the executive buffet to serve some of the finest informational joy and musical slander the world has ever heard. Come ye cold and hungry and take sup from our bosom of finery.

Prolific nature educator, bird-bander extraordinaire, and native Minnesotan, Greg Munson, joins the executive buffet for a scintillating hour nature themed discussion. For 22 years Greg was the director of Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester Minnesota. He continues to write a weekly column for the Post Bulletin called "Nature Nut".

Back from somewhere the amazing wild and bizarre vocal talents of BLAIR SOCCI return. This time as a co-host for what will serve as a pilot for future episodes of a yet-to-be-named "new" podcast. The duo explores ideas, themes, and most importantly, names for the future joint endeavor. And Blair brings things up on-mic that she can't finish explaining because she's so secretive.

Legendary outdoor master, ***'s own magical vegan laser-man, and hilarious comedian podcaster storyteller, Andrew Michaan, arrives in style towing a bubbling beverage ready for sip action. Long lost cousins Andrew and Johnny create new pathways in the brain discussing their pathways in the brain.

Child of the morning, niacin flush master, and truly one of the funniest living humans, Josh Fadem, crouches down  in the bed of daddy's big red truck for a smooth ride down the mountain where he will jump once we hit a bump and get mega launched. Things get a little contentious, then super friendly, then somewhere in between. It's a nice slice of fried bread from the executive buffet.

Poker rap star, mango boy, and legendary Greek thief, Andy Milonakis, jumps off the diving board of pure majesty into the circle of hope featuring some of the hottest reggae tracks and purest mango bites. It's yet another TBC (too be continued) episode that's way too good for just once.

Roustabout comedic chameleon, harmonizing skull drinker, and pub song lover, Natalie Palamides, takes a ride with Jason Pepperhouse down to Santa Town to get to the bottom of what makes Bernard so attractive. There's also a good deal of noise and music and a serious moral quandary asked and solved. So good it's it to-be-continued!

Explosive millennial comedian, personal beat machine, and colorful triple threat, Chill Trill Bill -AKA- Bill Kottkamp, takes a double jump off the dock into the deep end of daddy's big red truck on a hot new whisper whipping recording!

Actor, 10-second song looper, and dramatic character genius, Kyle Gallner, joins us on very screamy new episode.

Giggles from Miami, King of bold sensitivity, and actor extraordinaire, Mel Rodriguez, steps into the motivational zone of the executive buffet for some of the best stories you've never heard. There's a panther in the backseat of a car this entire episode.

Punk dork nerd, hardcore reality augmentation dabbler, and hilarious album-cutting comedian, Dave Ross, joins the executive buffet for the very first time bringing an audio experience that will soon become the high water mark for musical anthropology in podcasting. Buy his album!

Hardcore scream specialist, festival field connoisseur, and Power Trip frontman, Riley Gale, takes the final step of initiation into the grand executive buffet while visiting Los Angeles to steal an electric scooter with host Kevin Tipcorn.

Whistling riff expert, idyllic diddler, and hilarious genre-spanning comedian, Nick Turner, joins the Executive Buffet once and for all. There is talk of hidden cassettes, shade dogs, and bunch of other sever tangents Johnny just won't let go!

The long awaited second half of a thrilling conversational investigation with comedian, supreme travel master, and former sports genius, Billy Wayne Davis! we go in all directions but mostly south.

Comedian, supreme travel master, and former sports genius, Billy Wayne Davis, joins the red room for an extreme executive buffet! drum machine is in tow along with some great stories of the south north east and west.

A special garden-focused episode with cannabis cultivation mastermind, William Ross AKA Stoned Ninja.

Electronic music mastermind, tube city surf specialist, and campfire jaffle-jockey, Rob Kieswetter AKA Bobby Birdman, steps into the executive buffer with gadgets in tow. A vast and wide area of musical ground is covered so please latch into a drench cabinet for full effect.

Monolithic rollerblade champion and prolific comedian, Jay Larson, joins the executive buffet for an episode brimming with madness and rhythm and blues.

Parasite expert, bite connoisseur, and certified entomologist, Mark Fox, joins the executive buffet for a long scintillating convo about bugs and bites and stings and wings. Fascinating from mandible to thorax!

Cardamom crusher, loose-end tying specialist, and electronic globe-trotting writer comedian, Abdullah Saeed, hops into daddy's big red truck for a fun ride to the executive buffet. Phone calls are made and lots of old electronic music is played. full blast test dose in effect.

Crystal transporter, comedian, and slow-jam professional, Giulia Rozzi, steps into the telephone operators specialty zone for a full blast of geniune novelty and hi-fi discussion

The cold brew explosion continues with the second half of lunatic songster Mr. Chris Crofton with special help from our friends at Halliburton. jack in, bliss out, splash down!!

Superstar troubadour cold brew expert songster, CHRIS CROFTON, joins a fully jacked-in new edition of the executive buffett where we reach and out touch some people using daddy's big red truck called "magic jack". A new classic in the genre of podcasting.

World travelin' musical artist wunderkind sandal robe magician, Lucas Nathan of Jerry Paper, joins the executive buffet that has recently turned into a cocktail party complete with a microwave for special hors d'oeuvres. You're going to love the way we sound, I guarantee it.

Comedian, Entrepreneur, and double-blind chyron worm worker, Jamie Loftus, joins the executive buffet for an exclusive take on sailor dating, east coast dunkins, and things of a much higher level of thought and musicality. It's a classic hilarious blaster with great sonic fortitude!

Colorectal surgeon, former fat guy who smoked, and Minnesota native, Dr. John H. Pemberton, also known as Johnny Pemberton's dad, is a special guest on this rare edition of the executive buffet. Highly informative and a true insight into the source of Pemberton madness!!

Take a deep brain dive with me and my old Minnesota buddy Dr. Paul Johnson as he breaks down some incredibly interesting and highly complex issues surrounding the science of that thing mounted on your neck.  We take some questions too!

Comedian poet, cell destruction survivalist, and positivity entrepreneur, Quincy Jones, steps into the arbitration station for full download. It's on to be reckoned with and then some.

Part 2 of Viggo Venn, the international clown superstar, matter phase shift interrupter, and chia-seed chowhound. Join us in a triumphant returning continuation to the kingdom of the bad!

International clown superstar, matter phase shift interrupter, and chia-seed chowhound, Viggo Venn, gets fully ejected into the drench cabinet all the way from the land of Norway. This is part one of a nice lengthy episode to put us all back together in the kingdom of the bad.

Cleridae entomologist, taxonomy superstar, and one **** of a good shot, Jacques Rifkind, makes his inaugural visit to the executive buffet for some real knowledge drops.

Extreme rapper enthusiast, candle junky, and worldwide digital entertainer, Brandon Wardell jumps into the booth of insulation and flavor for a download of updates.

Smorgasboard Magistrate, Piano Disruption Expert, and brilliant comedian, Lizzy Cooperman, guest stars on a ripping explosively galumphing episode that cannot be undone. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to visit the executive buffet, but when they do is a real smash and grab of puree magic.

Child of the Sun, Guitar Guy Superstar, Actor of Great Specialness, Paul Adelstein, vamps into the groove with all kinds of cool **** we've never heard of and coming of age tales that can not be beat.

comedian, beach specific agoraphobe, and religious connoisseur, Amy Miller hops aboard daddy's big red truck for bumpy ride through Bakersfield by way of Oakland with plenty of beer and good country music.

Comedian, Kiwi New Zealander, and long distance running runner-up, Guy Montgomery, gets fully live in front of the tape on a bonzer new episode loaded with premium content. Ride the wind and feel the train shake.

the second half of an amazing conversational journey with the incomparable genius of JASON LOUV. plus a little special song for all you wonderful folks to scare your family with while dancing around the tree/pit/fire/rink/house.

Incomparable mastermind magickian author wunderkind, Jason Louv, shares his knowledge plunder in part one of an eye opening blast of a buffet for executives only!

Magnanimous enchanter, 13-step-stepper, and riotous golden-voiced comedian, Blair Socci, presents herself at the executive buffet in a masterful second appearance. please be mindful "The Christmas Train" is in full effect.

Illustrator, pep professional, and international pizza crackshot, Andy J. Miller, phones in to the executive buffet for a long distance wisdom drop.

Comedian, digital thunderbird, internet sleuth, horror aficionado, and one of my absolute favorite people to talk to ever, Joe DeRosa, sits in the studio for a power ***** session. we jam some hard rap tunes. its slick and ripping simultaneously.

Guitarist and soft-spoken psychonaut, Jonnie Baker of the band 'Florist', joins the executive buffet for a true elixir of a jam session. Turn up, drop some, chill way out...

The Tipton Ripper, the mississippi-kissimmee connector, Champ Kind himself, David Koechner, jumps in sideways to the audio postpile and gets full wet on a fully enlightening episode.

A very special episode with the one and only Chris Kachulis speaking about his dear friend and collaborator, Bruce Haack.

Acclaimed Acadian, chef, and best-selling author, Matty Matheson, cooks up a rippingly delicious executive buffet the likes of which have never been smelled before. get it while its hot!

Limey, clue specialist, lover of cheetos, and one of the original guys inn-between, James Buckley, places himself in the awesome position of being a rad guest with a cool voice and lots to say.

Guitar sorcerer, ska-queen, and long time customized goods purveyor, Colleen Green, steps into wind tunnel for a full barrage of isometric sound tests that end in sublime conglomerate of Sublime.

Former french jockey, expert herpetologist, and juggernaut caltrop, Duncan Trussell, takes a long bumpy ride in daddy's big red truck like no other has before. I bet you listen twice!

Comedian, card counter, and elite passenger, David Gborie, joins the executive buffet for some true tales of the life's underbelly and dirty south memory trip.

Artist, comedian, and all-around transcendent force of nature, Ramin Nazer, steps into the wind tunnel of froth and amazement for a beautiful discussion of thoughts and actions.

A mega long-time-in-coming full spectrum session with the amazingly prolific gentleman comedian Nick Kroll. The depths of previously uncharted absurdity are explored along with an explanation of the nature of music in public.

Ye olde golden boy returns! it's wonderful friend and cool son Conner McVicker!

Comedian, deep-thinker, Texan, and raddest of the baddest, Ever Mainard, explores the waves in an all new extra-long episode filled with gems and explosions.

By special request, the ultimate executive sound master, mister blister himself, Doug "DJ Douggpound" Lussenhop, returns for a triple microphone aural explosion that promises to fill every cup and then some.

Super cool entrepreneur, comedian, and general wildcat, Blair Socci, steps into executive buffet for a mega ride down fun talk mountain. A true classic, one for the books, with all the tricks.

Legendary illusionist, piano jockey, and mega-comedian, Brent Weinbach, steps into the executive buffet line for cheese, corn, and everything in-between and excluded.

Mustachioed ex-farming comedian mega-machine, Matt O'Brien, takes a l'il ride on daddy's big red truck for some wicked goat chatter, beer talk, and wing dippin among other scintillating smoothness.

Another classic installment in the post bone zone archives featuring sweetheart soloist Brendon Walsh. tune up, drop down, and punk in.

The enigmatic and ever-effervescent David Dineen-Porter returns for a highly charged 3rd appearance at the legendary executive buffet table of ancient grains.

The excruciatingly cool turns into beguilingly cool on this new episode with comedy/music wunderkind, Whit Thomas. We sing and chant and rant and pant like a bunch of funky dogs hanging out near a restaurants trash. what a freakin pure gas blast.

multi-instrumentalist indie rock legend, Jessica Espeleta, brings a whirlwind of sounds to this groundbreaking mega music episode.

Filmmaking mastermind and record sleuth extraordinaire, Joey Izzo, comes correct with a full back of waxy treats on a special analog edition of the executive buffet. It's a deep listening session and then some!!

Comedian, desert selector, and soldier of Jah, Chris Thayer, lays down the ins and outs of the all the scenes - plus heavy heavy monster sounds!!

Chef, SCOBY bro, bug-master, and exothermic evangelist, Brad Leone, joins the executive buffet on a very special remote recorded episode live in deep downtown New York City inside the still beating heart of the illuminati.

Comedian, roustabout, and western swing royalty, Dustin Ybarra, steps into the executive buffet for fun chat times and music dips across the spectrum.

The ever hilarious, infinitely effervescent, purely unstoppable, Jon Gabrus, steps into the executive buffet like a machete cluster and tears up up the place like thousands of underripe jackfruits falling out a plane landing in a dirty hotel hot tub fi...

Comedian, expert psychonaut, and pretty much the coolest guy in whatever town he's in, Greg Barris, joins the executive buffet for a blaster of a good time. Nutrition facts and sound loads for all.

Comedian, internationalist, bon vivant, and oddity collector, Anna Seregina, joins the executive buffet for some extreme music recollection and listening. Its a bold listen recorded with the highest quality full-spectrum sound!!

What if there was a nice bench at the bottom of a wonderful trench? might sound a little something like this... a special solo episode with calls and talks and sounds.

Comedian, burner, and music snob with a heart of gold, Chris Garcia, joins the executive buffet for a first-of-its-kind all music episode features great sounds and amazing stories.

The incomparable Canadian wunderkind, David Dineen Porter, returns to the executive buffet with a bucket of mirth filled songs and deep researched opinions. Its bizarre as it is fun as it is unlike anything else ever recorded.

Another solo chapter in the installment series of Advanced Listening Experiments, but not so advanced this time and more voice exploration, happy to be alive and not feeling like dying from a chest cold. It's like hey guys!!

The amazingly cool and hilarious comedian, Corie Johnson, joins the executive buffet to share some amazing tales of personal badassery and wild chemical romances.

Actor, comedian, and whispering siren of madness and truth, Lucas Neff, joins the live to tape experience. Its a classic full studio experience with multiple exciting tangents including an interactive robocall.

Comedian and coolest dude in whatever town he's in, Chris Locke, visits and talks and sings. Its both deep and splash-fresh shallow.

a new lick-shot SOLO episode all about cast off drifting spider webs and rad sounds from underneath the grounds.

Finally! A return visit from once and true king of the quirting birds: Duncan Trussell. Johnny and Duncan explore musical options and tell ancient blue jay tales that can never be untold or unheard. Also Duncan has a mental breakdown live on the podcas...

Personal bard to the illuminati, Titanic Sinclair, sits down for a full digital scan and deep discussion of things auditory straight from the mouth of the bohemian grove.

Getting the hands back on the branch with a special solo episode (drama-free). Hope you like metal!!

David Angelo (writer, comedian, nature freak, tae-kwon-do instructor, and bunch of other things) visits the in-home executive buffet to blow wind into the sails of talking.

Comedian surfer bad boi, Sam Brown, steps into the temperature regulated hot seat for a full blast discussion.

Shapeshifting journeyman bard, Chris Crofton, joins the executive buffet for hilarious and scary tales. Plus a very special live rendition of a song from his upcoming album!! it's truly LIVE to TAPE.

Chanteuse, comedian, and murder-knowledge goddess, Karen Kilgariff, joins the executive buffet for a healthy dose of the stuff that will leave you comatose.

Your favorite musical wunderkind, Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck, joins the executive buffet for a long long overdue multi-platform jam session. This is one for the ages/books.

A re-issue of an interview from Twisting the Wind with the amazing musician Charlie Megira, 1972 - 2016. Rest in Peace.

Mastermind comedian/movement specialist, Josh Fadem, joins the executive buffet for some new ideas on the child acting question. Kevin gets hardcore sassed by a call center operator at trumpy bear and Dicker replaces Johnny for a piece of time.

LA Times journalist and permaculture garden mastermind, Jeff Spurrier, joins the podcast via phone from San Miguel de Allenda. Also Kevin Tipcorn makes some calls at the beginning to some wonderful people at wonderful business'.

Legendary recording artist and producer, Swamp Dogg (Jerry Williams Jr.) tells it like it is along with musical pardner Moogstar. It's a very special hilarious episode you wont hear anywhere else.

Another classic Kevin Tipcorn dial session. We talk to a mega grumpus at the herb factory, leave some cool bread nugget voicemails, and connect with an angel to teach about the Armenian Genocide.

a super lightweight funky fun time featuring mainly phone communications from your boi Kevin Tipcorn. its a goooood one!!

a special cool solo honesty talking episode with some marimba.

Psychonautic comedian extraordinaire, Shane Mauss, steps into the executive buffet and regales with harrowing tales of the astral plane and more. Its a very special exclusive peek into the mind of an electrifying futurist.

Its old-timey madness and more with legendary actor, performer, and ever-spraying wisdom fountain, James Urbaniak.

Coolest chillest most hilarious dude alive, Steve Agee, fogs up the glass with his special brand of fog on an all new episode of live to tape. Johnny and Steve answer some tough questions like "what is it about food" and more. its a blaster!!

Dynamo comedian extraordinaire, Nikki Glaser, steps into the recording hut for highly personal tales and some knowledge blasts of pure sexual absurdity. an instant classic in the genre.

Johnny Pemberton, Brendon Walsh, and Duncan Trussell are The Craftsmen: 3 veteran stand-up comedians teaching the business of comedy in today's crazy messed-up world.

Writer, comedian, and super cool horror-dude, Joe Derosa, steps into the guzzling hut for talk of horror, darkness, the nature of friendship, mothers, and weird things that grind gears.

Advanced Listening Experiment number 1. *WARNING* for veteran listeners only. do not listen if you are new to this podcast. thank you and enjoy.

A very special episode featuring the mother of Johnny Pemberton, also known as Elise Pemberton or Mom.

World traveling animal best friend and wildest of boy, Chris Pontius, visits the studio to regale in some tales of South Africa, strum a little ukulele, and answer some bad questions.

Legendary Detroiter comedian Tim Meadows soaks up the studio for some absurd chatter and magnetic tape scrubbing. ALSO!! the first edition of 'bad questions' which turned out pretty good. Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe @ Like ...

The prolific and legendary comedian Todd Glass makes all the sounds, every single one, on this very special off-site recording designed to produce intense aural pleasure.

The massively cool futurist writer comedian musician, Trevor Moore, takes a break from building the new world order to strum and chat and strum some more.

Time-traveling amphibious raconteur, Mark McKinney, delivers an explosive tongue lashing for consecutive double-digit minutes with our semi-fearless host. this episode features the first installment of "bad questions", sure to be a successful recurring...

Comedic madman and southern renaissance gentleman, Byron Bowers, enters the folds of the studio for a barrage of unbelievable true tales.

The man that many now know as "The Machine", Bert Kreischer, fogs up the studio with Johnny as stories are told, remembered, and forgotten. It's a fully ripping blaster, as usual.

A fresh blast from the festive trumpet featuring musical friends Brad Breeck (The Mae Shi) and Kyle Mabson (XBXRX). Expect to get entangled in multiple webs of rad sounds and sidebar commentary. This is the first chapter in the new musical edition of t...

Yet another windy blast straight from the dusty madness of South Africa. The guest is brilliant and bizarre young actor, Conner McVicker, who shares some amazing tales of woe and triumph. Discography: Witch -

The great San Francisco renaissance man, Al Madrigal, joins the taping zone live from Johnny’s kitchen table for scintillating conversation and really scary ghost stories.

A quasi-special almost-mini solo episode mostly live from the southern hemisphere.

Writer, comedian, and self-proclaimed newspaper guru, Raj Desai, steps into the taping zone for talk for some intellectual nostalgia and much much more. A hilarious gem to be treasured for the ages!

The ole mudflap of Maryland himself, travel guru and unofficial international toastmaster spokesperson, Scotty Landes, visits the talking place for heaps of interesting tales and advice. Indulge!

Comedian Annie Lederman tells the unabridged story of her life, and then some.

Comedian psychonaut, Shane Mauss, visits LIVE to TAPE for a long detailed discussion of the human brain, endurance of traveling, voices from beyond, and much much more. NOT to be missed.

Summah King, The Vest Selecta, Dragon Boy Suede, also known as the one and only Howard Kremer visits the worlds most underrated live podcast.

Comedian and philosopher journeyman, Steve Hernandez, visits the live talking arena for truth and lights and a palpable antidote to Pemberton's silliness.

Pioneering musical editing genius dude, Doug Lussenhop -AKA- DJ Douggpound, jams hard and loud with gifts of finest wheat on an electrically engaging and electricity using new episode

Super funky crazy dude comedian writer guys Barry Rothbart and Danny Solomon enter the taping zone for fun, exploration, and radio DJ announcing practice.

Bon vivant comedian raconteur, Julian Mccullough, visits for talking and the first ever guest-played appearance of the Ghanian balafon.

Solo holiday Christmas gift mini episode featuring just Johnny Pemberton and his friend the Xmas Snake.

This episode features the double genius birthday twins and Bone Zone creators Randy Liedtke and Brendon Walsh. They talk about all kinds of weird stuff using badass voices of varying degrees of loudness and softness. It's a real jam!

Author, comedian, and long time very cool guy, Matty Goldberg, slides into the audio taping studio district to tell tales of unbelievable past times and comment on the future. Buy his new book:

The hilarious super skateboarding comedian, Whitmer Thomas, jumps guitar first into the live sound pool for a furious expansion of vocal exclamations and mini musical treats.

Maniacal musical genius, David Dineen-Porter, visits the live studio podcast taping arena to dole out a thick serving of Sumerian history combined with ancient guitar tones and vocal outbursts. An instant classic soon to be repeated.

Internationally known comedian and emotional genius, Beth Stelling, goes live to tape for some reminiscing and nostalgia smashing and singing to some keyboard demos.

Blood relative and underground midwest creative, Jeff Pemberton, joins his brother for the first time in the studio! It’s actually the first episode of LIVE TO TAPE that was ever recorded. Cool Stories, confessions, and audio rabbit holes abound in thi...

Brief transmissional audio place holder for you and yours. Regular programming will return very soon, please enjoy this in the meantime for fun and information.

***’s personal medicine boy, Duncan Trussell, gets recorded live to tape in this extra-special, fully-blasted, not-to-be-missed, psychedelic audio listening experience. Everything you need to know about the the future of time is contained in this wonde...

multidisciplinary creative mastermind Joel Fox (aka the “Joel Department”) goes live to tape with special musical accompaniment from his musical friend Lem Jay Ignacio.

the second official and unofficial episode of Live to Tape featuring the band YACHT, which is comprised of Jona Bechtolt, Claire Evans, and Rob "Bobby Birdman" Kieswetter.

Academy award winning actor, JK Simmons, appears on the premiere episode of LIVE to TAPE to chat about the good ole days of smoking in the pines and how modern technology needs to relax.