Your weekly dose of relationship and sex talk. Hosted by Kristen Thomas, a Certified Sex Coach living in the Midwest, who takes a look at love, lust, and everything in between. You'll hear personal stories from her and her guests about steamy sex, broken hearts, BDSM, community activism, finding love, and so much more. Listener discretion advised (18+). Original theme song and production by MKoussa Cover art by Fuller Creative, LLC Open the Doors Coaching, LLC logo by Dazium Design Studio.

  • Ep. 140 - Rejuvenating intimacy with Kristine D'Angelo CSC
    Coaches Kristine D'Angelo and Kristen Thomas discuss their couples retreat.
  • Ep. 139 - Harm reduction for SWs with Mariah Grant
    Mariah Grant and Kristen discussed harm reduction, efforts around decriminalization, and how to change law around sex work.
  • Ep. 138 - Pregnancy & passion with Kaci Mial
    Sex Coach Kaci Mial helps pregnant couples connect to pleasure and passion.
  • Ep. 137 - Electric Love with AJ Cheyfitz
    Educator and Sex Therapist AJ Cheyfitz shared her expertise about The Violet Wand and other forms of electricity play.
  • Ep. 136 - Ask Me Out with Anna Koehler
    Kristen and Anna discuss their upcoming workshop, dating do's and don'ts, how to get a second date, and much more.
  • Ep. 135 - Pelvic wands, weights, and more with Dr Amanda Olson, DPT
    Kristen welcomes guest Dr Amanda Rose, founder and CEO of Intimate Rose, a maker of medical devices that treat pelvic floor issues.
  • Ep. 134 - Parenting queer and trans teens with Erin Wallis
    Fellow Sexologist Erin Wallis shares the trials and tribulations of being a queer family in Georgia.
  • Ep. 133 - Are we breaking up?
    Tips for breaking up and moving on.
  • Ep. 132 - Shifting labels with Corey Green
    Artist Corey Green shares his journey from small town boy who thought he was asexual to out and proud gay man navigating the dating world.
  • Ep. 131 - Exploring queerness outside of sexuality with Katie M
    Katie M is a panromantic, non-binary asexual person who explains what that all means while exploring topics like dating, Pride, and ACE Icons.
  • Ep. 130 - The Queen of KC Burlesque Kyra Lyn "Petite Syrah"
    Queen of KC Burlesque Petite Syrah joins Kristen to discuss dancing, rhinestones, yoga and bisexuality.
  • Ep. 129 - Gays In Toyland with Stan from Leather Masters
    Stan has one of the largest sex toy collections my friend had ever seen, which lead to our introduction. I found out from our interview that Leather Master is coming back thanks to Stan, a 30 year kink and leather practitioner.
  • Ep. 128 - Burning love with Mark Athens
    Fireplayer Sir Mark Athens is fully immersed in the lifestyle of leather, kink, and consensual non-monogamy.
  • Ep. 127 - Celebrating Masturbation Month with Kinkaid McMinn, CSC
    Celebrate the start of National Masturbation Month with Certified Sex Coaches Kristen and Kinkaid
  • Ep. 126 - Trans enough with Tanith K.
    Tanith and Kristen give a thumbs down to the TERFs and gender critical cult online. What is "trans enough"?
  • Ep. 125 - When parents neglect their partnership
    Kristen discusses why and how parents can maintain their connection after kids enter the picture.
  • Ep. 124 - Hookup culture with Dr Aditi Paul
    Dr Aditi Paul took a look at what college students are up to with her book The Current Collegiate Hookup Culture: Dating Apps, Hookup Scripts, and Sexual Outcomes.
  • Ep. 123 - Transgender pelvic floor health with Dr Laura Meihofer, DPT
    Dr Laura Meihofer DPT and Kristen discussed pelvic floor wellness for people who are transgender and intersex.
  • Ep. 122 - The Art of Sex Coaching with Dr Patti Britton
    Dr Patti and Kristen discuss pleasure, current events, and being modern freedom fighters.
  • Ep. 121 - Cum and get your sponge with Awkward Essentials Founder Frances Tang
    Awkward Essentials Founder Frances Tang explain how their DripStick came to fame. Kristen is a raving fan, user of the product, and ambassador for AE.