Episode Summary

When my guest today came over to my office to hang out and chill one day a couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued with her because it was refreshing that we had had some pretty similar experiences, but this also seemed like someone I could learn some lessons from. Ellie Berland is a sacred life and business coach, and she is a big believer in pretty much everything can be seen as divine - that even includes your kinky side.  Her pendulum has swung from purity culture into the poly lifestyle, and then into swinging, and now, into a celibate lifestyle as she learns more about herself. We talked about a lot of things in this episode, including BDSM and finding a Dom, connecting to your body, and learning to captain her own ship.    Find Ellie on Instagram or her BioPage.  Learn more about afterglow and use code XOKRISTEN to get a 7-day free trial. 
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