John Lawson
John Lawson


The intention of this podcast is to talk about military experiences, wildland firefighting, cigars, movies, investing, rants and raves, and have fun conversations. I also want to make a point from time to time to reach out to friends in hopes of lowering occurrences of veteran suicide. Thanks for listening Email any questions to

  • Ship in the storm
    A poem a wrote. Out of context as I haven’t said what it is I’m going through but felt like sharing. Will share more information in a later episode.
  • Episode 31- Matt Peace returns
    I catch up with Matt part way through his season as a wildland firefighter, BJJ practitioner having recently competed in a tournament, and all around busy dude with no brakes.
  • Episode 30- Piece of shit episode about pizza and god knows what else.
    Greg and I hoped to kick off this weeks episode on our new exclusive podcast, but that didn’t happen. Instead we talked about types of pizza, movies, and I can’t recall what else as Greg was fucking with pizza dough during the episode.
  • Episode 29- Lester the pimp, dildo tooth brushes, Memorial Day weekend.
    Not really sure how else to describe this episode. Listener discretion is advised.
  • Episode 28- Cocaine, gambling, and Bill Gates
    This week we talk about beards and grooming, housing prices, living in Montana versus California, and Bill Gates divorce.
  • Episode 27- Polyamory and real estate
    John and Greg talk about Polyamory, a little inside information on being a realtor and the significance of symbolism in films.
  • Episode 26- dirty hippies and tending to your own garden.
    Greg and I talk about hippies, polygamy, self righteous yard signage, and how in some ways the world might be a better place if we all tended to our own garden.
  • Episode 25- Voluntary Celibacy
    This episode follows up from episode 24 on Incel, or involuntarily celibate. Greg runs the show with his knowledge on the subject. Thank you to all the listeners and supporters of the podcast. MGTOW
  • Episode 24
    Greg and I discuss incel, a topic Greg is fascinated with and something which I knew nothing about. This will Segway us into our next chat of volcel or voluntarily Celibate.
  • Episode 23-Greg runs the show
    Greg runs the show, and asks the questions that apparently I asked him. Greg also talks about his experience as a stripper, the bachelor, and his beloved Gibson martini. Excuse the audio toward the end, it’s gets ass backwards and bear with me as I work through technical difficulties.
  • Episode 22- Matt Peace PT 3
    Matt and I finish up some talking points we hadn’t had the chance to get to. We discuss tattoos, the Travis Manion Foundation and Matt’s part in running a race across the country for charity, and some of our favorite music.
  • Episode 21- Serial killers and night stalkers
    This is actually the second part of a conversation I had with Greg from Episode 20 the point break remake. If you haven’t heard it yet, I would go back and start at episode 20. In this episode we discuss the night stalker, H.H. Holmes, and then head down a rabbit hole that should not be heard by children, or anyone that is easily offended. Thanks for listening
  • Episode 20- Point Break (remake) breakdown with Greg
    Greg and I both took the time to watch the horrendous remake of a legendary film. If you haven’t seen the original Point Break with P Swayze and K Reeves, you’re missin out. If you think this pile of dildos produced in 2015 is the original, you are mistaken. Hope you enjoy the episode. I actually really enjoyed talking about it, and didn’t feel as cynical after doing so.
  • Episode 19- Matt Peace PT. 2
    Matt joins me to talk about his time in the Navy, deployments, how he got started with CrossFit and coaching, ADD, and other topics. CrossFit Kivnon. San Diego. CrossFit Coronado. Navy
  • Episode 18- Matt Peace PT. 1
    Matt Peace is a Navy Veteran, CrossFit coach and gym owner, wildland firefighter, husband, and all around great guy to be around. In this episode we talk fire, stolen jeeps, Chris Farley, and Matt’s recent loss of his father in October.
  • Episode 17- Greg and I discuss thoughts on Jeff Bezos
    In my weekly follow with Sir Greg, we talk more movies, Danny Trejo, and Greg’s thoughts on Point break. We also talk about Jeff Bezos, outer space, new money versus old money, and the fuckstick which is Alex Jones.
  • Episode 16- reoccurring guest Greg and his potty-mouth.
    Greg sexualizes laundry, I redact a comment from a previous episode about Jiffy Lube + being a mechanic in the 30’s, Linda Love Lace and David Spade, losing height over time, comedians that aren’t funny, fast and the furious 26, Dwayne Johnson, beloved Patrick Swayze. The unfinished question for next week: is Jeff Bezos more than likely a total weirdo?
  • Episode 15- follow up with Greg Pt. 2 have I ever considered suicide?
    In this episode, we switch to a more serious conversation. If you have not listened to episode 13, please do so. At the end of the episode Greg had asked if I ever thought about committing suicide. In this episode we get deeper into that conversation. I hope this episode may help anyone currently struggling in their own life. And if you are struggling, please know that it’s okay to reach out for help. We all hit low points and I believe one of the most difficult things to do is to tell others when you’re not at your best and let yourself be vulnerable.
  • Episode 14- Weekly follow up with Greg Pt.1
    In this weeks episode we discuss Jaws, Arnold Schwarzenegger, working out and gym culture, steroids and being broke.
  • Episode 13- Hating on John Krasinski
    During this weeks episode, Greg responds to listeners on why he dislikes the actor John Krasinski. I hit Greg with a movie quote and ask him to guess the film. We also discuss Kingpin, bullying, the price of Tesla, Rules of real estate, Bitcoin valuation, and Greg hits me with a very serious question which I will answer in next weeks episode. Thanks for listening.