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Special Guests:Mitch Downey - PodverseMike Mignano - Angel Investor and ex-SpotifyShow Notes:Michael Mignano, has written a piece about what he calls The Standards Innovation Paradox. In response, James Cridland wrote a long article that basically points out that Apple took the RSS standard and enhanced it. The thing that Mike Mignano says is impossible.Adam Curry said: Spotify is the shitcoin of podcasting.Spotify is expanding the ability to post video podcasts for creators in six new countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico. This marks the first time the audio streaming company is making this feature available in non-English speaking countries.Spotify has purchased Heardle.Overcast, Marco Arment, describes “cheap, sloppy dynamic ad insertion in podcasts” as something that “continues to degrade the experience for listeners” in a tweet.Reddit is to start live audio Talks says Arielle Nissenblatt in a Twitter thread.Message Heard has signed an audio partnership with The Kyiv Independent.Descript launched Storyboard.Eddy, the audio editor that works like a word processor, now lets you edit video.
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