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Send James & Sam some fanmail, via BuzzsproutWe interview Ellie from Pocket Casts on the future direction of the podcast app; Matthew from Platform Media on why the company was acquired by PodX; and talk about the closure of Pacific Content.We're trying something new this week: trying to bring down the duration of this podcast to 45 minutes. Haven't quite succeeded yet, but we're on the way; that means shorter edits of interviews, and a more focused story selection. Please give feedback to us (fanmail, boosts, email) with your thoughts on the format and how we can improve.If you like the interviews and want to hear the full conversation, head to the Podnews Extra podcast.Support the Show.Connect With Us: Email: weekly@podnews.net Twitter: @jamescridland / @podnews and @samsethi / @joinpodfans Lightning/NOSTR: ⚡james@crid.land and ⚡sam@getalby.com Mastodon: @james@bne.social and @samsethi@podcastindex.social Support us: www.buzzsprout.com/1538779/support Get Podnews: podnews.net
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