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On a live call last week, someone asked why podcasters should get involved with Podcasting 2.0. There is more to this than streaming saoshis. It’s clear that Podcasting 2.0 is not just a trend but an evolution of the medium we all cherish. Let's explore why individuals and industry professionals must get aboard this transformative wave, understand its lucrative potential, and recognize how it amplifies the podcasting experience for both creators and listeners. Your Hosts Find Dave at schoolofpodcasting.com Find Daniel at theaudacitytopodcast.com  Check out Daniel's Podgagement tool. Mentioned In This Episode The Audacity to Podcast School of Podcasting Podcasting2.org NewPodcastAps.com  Transcripts to Tags: How Podcasting 2.0 is Changing the Game with Daniel J. Lewis Chapters 00:00 Why You Should Get Involved win Podcasting 2.0 00:24 Why Should Podcasters Get Involved? 02:41 What Caught Dave's Eye 10:40 Money for EVERYONE 11:41 Paying Developers 13:19 Features in Apps for Listeners AND Podcasters 15:32 IAB 2.2 15:55 PodPing 18:52 Benefits For the Audience 22:08 Engineered For More Engagement 24:37 Set You Apart 25:41 Do We Need a Badge? 27:09 I Want My MTV 27:51 Podcasting2.org 30:13 New Top Contributor 30:52 Podcast Editors Mastermind Show
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