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Thank you for joining me for another episode of keep them coming. Fair warning, the content of this episode is freaking amazing! However, I majorly f*cked up on my setup. I guess I didn't have it recording on my microphone. So...my apologies! Guest Katie M has several intersecting identities and it has made it challenging for them to date. Their identity can give people a lot of opportunities to make inaccurate assumptions. There's so much variety with asexuality. There almost is like no two that are truly alike. It can really just manifest in a variety of ways. So, if you've ever wondered what asexuality is like, Or you have heard of demisexuality, graysexuality, or sapiosexual and have questions, then this episode is absolutely for you. Also discussed in this episode - thoughts on pride, who are some influencers out there who are ACE or non-binary, and what have some asexual or ACE portrayals been like in movies and media. Also, what does queerness really look like and how can it be explored when it's removed from sex?You are absolutely guaranteed to learn something in this episode!
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