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Friend and fellow Clinical Sexologist Erin Wallis has her hands full with 3 queer teens, including 2 that are transgender. In fact, no one in the house is straight! Her experiences in Cumming, Georgia are like something out of a novel. Have you ever had a pastor call your house to harass you? Erin was frank about the conversations and considerations about safety, playing sports, and having an exit plan. No parent should have to worry about their child's safety in the ways she does, but we are watching in real time as people are being emboldened by radical Christofacists. We both feel our fathers were radicalized by Fox News. I was very appreciative of her sharing her and her family's story (and everyone in the house gave her the green light to discuss their lives). Even if you don't have a household like the Wallis', you're sure to learn something from today's episode.
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