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Welcome to another exciting episode of "Future of Podcasting"! In this AI-themed episode, your hosts, Daniel J. Lewis and Dave Jackson, dive into the fascinating world of AI and its impact on podcasting. They explore the realistic but not real appearance of AI-generated artwork, discuss the new possibilities for podcasters to achieve higher audio quality, and ponder the concept of authenticity in the age of AI. Join us as we unravel the complexities of AI in podcasting and explore how this technology is shaping the future of the industry. Stay tuned! Your Hosts Find Dave at schoolofpodcasting.com Find Daniel at theaudacitytopodcast.com   NEW TO BITCOIN? Check out our resources at leadingthebleeding.com/resources   Mentioned In This Episode The Audacity to Podcast School of Podcasting March of the Rubber Duckies Video   Timeline 00:00:28 - Is AI a Threat IN Podcasting? 00:01:58 - 99% Automated Podcasts 00:02:49 - Avalanche of Bad Content 00:11:23 - So Many Emojis 00:12:51 - Will We Be Able to Detect It? 00:13:27 - Not For Everyone 00:15:32 - The Taco Bell of Content 00:18:57 - Loved Not Liked 00:20:42 - Surrogates 00:23:54 - Side Effects of Podcasting 00:25:55 - Be Yourself 00:29:52 - AI Cleanup Fail 00:32:02 - When and When Not To Use It? 00:34:25 - Boostagrams 
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