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The demon is loose. The legend is real. 16 October, 2023 Season 11, Episode 10 For Halloween, Re-Imagined Radio presents "Asezhia," by Marc Rose and Jerrel McQuen. An ancient jewel, stolen from a planet of great beauty and dark history, transforms into a hellish denizen with an insatiable hunger for death and blood. Even Emile Song, the telepathic Special Detective from Quaymet, the capitol of a galactic civilization, may be out of his reckoning as he goes up against a skeletal fiend that can vanish in a ruby mist. File name: rir-asezhia.mp3 Audio file: stereo, 44.1Hz, 256kbps Website: https://www.reimaginedradio.fm/episodes/asezhia/index.html  
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