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Today, we dive into the fascinating topic of the future of podcasting on Android. We'll explore key insights and facts surrounding this subject, including the transition from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music, the challenges and opportunities for developers, and the implications for podcasters and listeners. We'll discuss the native app dilemma between YouTube Music and Google Podcasts, while dusting off and old friend called Subscribe on Android. The episode will uncover the complexities and challenges of Android development, with its numerous versions and compatibility issues. We'll weigh the benefits and costs for podcasters considering partnering with YouTube Music and examine the thought that this may be GOOD for podcasting.   Your Hosts Find Dave at Find Daniel at   NEW TO BITCOIN? Check out our resources at   NEW PODCAST APPS Listen to this podcast on any of the fine value enabled app at   Mentioned In This Episode The Audacity to Podcast School of Podcasting Podcast Apps on Android Buzzsprout Stats Transistor Stats Adam Bowie on YouTube and Podcasts  Subscribe On Android  More information on our website at 
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