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Musical Theatre Comedy star, YouTube pioneer and Stu’s one-time wrestling partner, Jenny Bede is off to the Edinburgh Fringe with her new baby in tow, for her show “The First Pregnant Woman In The World”.  We talk about the potential downside of being a triple threat; how she coped with awful musical theatre auditions; her recent ADHD diagnosis and how she learned to stop apologising and do an impression of having swagger…We also explore her early work creating comedy songs on YouTube, how she hit the dizzy heights and why she decided to pull the plug…Go to for ad-free episodes, extra content from every show that has it, and much more - including the exclusive Insiders Q&As with Nish Kumar, Alfie Brown, James Acaster and Fern Brady, plus the incredible “self-help for comedians” special with Amanda Donnet.Catch up with Jenny Bede:Jenny’s Edinburgh Fringe show is called “The First Pregnant Woman In The World” and it’s on at 18:55 daily at Underbelly Bristo Square: Stu's up toFind links to:Stu’s show at Edinburgh Fringe: Monkey Barrel, 13:25 (4-11th only)Podcast community linksSocial media handles and comedy clipsAnd his official YouTube channel…All visit his sites:www.comedianscomedian.comwww.stuartgoldsmith.comStu offers remote and in-person talks to business, distilling insights from over 400 comics on cultivating resilience and the ability to bounce back, to all levels from C-suite to team members.“There’s perfect and there’s perfect; and that was perfect.” David Cooper, Chief People Officer Circle Health Group Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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