Stuart GoldsmithArts, Comedy
Stuart GoldsmithArts, Comedy


For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying.

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  • Zach Zucker
    Stamptown, Jack Tucker & Creating Success
  • Fin Taylor vs The Internet
    Redefining Success In Comedy, Financial Freedom & The Importance Of The Edit
  • Tanyalee Davis
    Learning From Bad Gigs, Performing As A "Little Person" & Converting Social Media Audiences
  • Jaboukie Young-White (Live @ SXSW)
    The Daily Show, Creating "Short King" & Coming Out On The Tonight Show
  • Mike Wozniak | Part Two
    Taskmaster, Junior Taskmaster & Three Bean Salad Podcast!
  • Mike Wozniak | Part One
    Sitcoms, How Imposter Syndrome Can Be Healthy & Developing A Project
  • Lynne Koplitz (Live @ SXSW)
    Resilience, Dealing With Disruptive Men & The Intersection Of Comedy With Religion
  • Dai Henwood
    Finding Peace Through Comedy, Dai's Cancer Journey & Connecting With Audiences
  • Brian Simpson (Live @ SXSW)
    Releasing A Netflix Special, ADHD & Embracing Discomfort
  • Julia Masli
    The Importance Of Physical Communication, Gaulier & Vulnerability Within Improv
  • Martin Urbano
    The Apology Comeback Show, Avoiding Viral Success & Safety Sets
  • Josh Pugh
    Social Clip Superstar, Being A Premise Machine & Coping Through Humility
  • Dara Ó Briain Returns | Part Two
    Dara's ranking in the world of comedy, Taskmaster and the possibility of Mock The Week returning!
  • Dara Ó Briain Returns | Part One
    Dara’s extensive notes, building and releasing tension through a confessional stand-up show and promoting a tour in the US.
  • Janine Harouni
    Touring and promoting a show as a new mum, delving into struggling with PTSD after a serious car accident and performing heartfelt material in difficult rooms.
  • Leo Reich
    Launching a debut hour on the cusp of a pandemic, his experience working with the late Adam Brace and the next cultural moment to be tackled in stand-up.
  • Tomi Walamies
    The cultural differences of stand-up between Finland and the UK PLUS Tomi's analytical approach to stand up (and life!)
  • Mawaan Rizwan
    Growing up in a world of content creation, a childhood where failure was not an option and whether you can be mentally health and still do comedy.
  • Susie McCabe
    Delve into Susie's metoric rise, what it means to be "emphatically Glaswegian" and embracing the fear of failure.
  • James Acaster Returns, Again! (2024) | Part Two
    Ghostbusters, Bo Burnham and *that* Oscars moment!