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Stories in time and space . . . told in future tense Re-Imagined Radio celebrates Dimension X, a pioneering radio science fiction series heard on NBC from April 1950 through September 1951. Neither the earliest nor the most famous of the many science fiction series heard on radio from the 1930s to the 1950s, the legacy of Dimension X looms large. Re-Imagined Radio explores that legacy. First by reviewing radio science fiction programs leading up to Dimension X, and second by listening to "The Outer Limit," the first episode of Dimension X, and perhaps the most often broadcast radio science fiction story. Premier broadcast: 20 November 2023 File name: rir-dimension-x.mp3 Audio file: MP3, stereo, 44.1Hz, 320kbps Website: https://www.reimaginedradio.fm/episodes/dimension-x/index.html    
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