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I unfortunately missed going to the Kansas city Burlesque Festival this year, but I am joined by my friend, Kira who was crowned the Queen of KC Burlesque for 2022. And she didn't even tell me until the end of the episode that she has the cutest stage name - Petite Syrah. Kyra helped me learn some new things about burlesque, such as explaining different types of burlesque, she told me a few things about what it takes to get started, and a few of her favorite makers that you should also check out if you are currently a dancer or thinking about getting into it. We also talked about how through some of life's experiences, there's much to be learned about our bodies and body image, how we feel about ourselves, about relationships and our sexualities over time. Being a bisexual in a cishetero relationship doesn't negate one's bisexuality! You can find Kyra on Instagram at @kyralyn, and you can also check Downtown Underground Burlesque for more information about upcoming shows. I have an in-person workshop on Monday, June 27th. It's here in Kansas city. My dear friend of a decade. Rose Heinz and I are going to be hosting "Making Space For Intimate Self Care". So we are going to be doing a combination of things on this next new moon, including some guided meditations, journaling to help you find clarity on what it is you're looking for - either in a future partnership or in your current relationship that takes it to another level. Email me, Kristen@openthedoorscoaching.com if you are interested in tickets or you can Go to MindBody App and search for Yoga Patch (location of the event) Monday, June 27th, from 7:30 to 9 PM.
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