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Send James & Sam some fanmail, via BuzzsproutEver wondered how the big fish like PodX are transforming the podcasting landscape with their chess-like acquisition maneuvers? Get ready to have that curiosity quelled as we unravel PodX's latest play in buying Platform Media, and what it spells for the podcasting cosmos. Plus, we've got the scoop on Spotify's overwhelming tide in Mexico, where it boasts a 90% market share, and why Apple Podcasts might need to play catch-up. Next week, Matthew Sherry from Platform Media himself will be spilling the beans on these game-changing trends, so this is one conversation you won't want to miss.On the tech front, we're tearing the lid off Edison Research's vault, revealing the latest on the diversifying podcast audience that's catching advertisers' eyes. We're talking cutting-edge developments like RSS.com's live item tag interface that's set to turbocharge your podcasting experience with live broadcasts straight through those RSS feeds. Our tech talk doesn't stop there—we're giving you the lowdown on the mighty importance of functional links in episode descriptions and the emerging podcast namespace tags that could redefine listener interaction. Get in on the ground floor with AntennaPod's transcript support and Pine Pods, because this is where the podcast frontier is being redrawn.Support the Show.Connect With Us: Email: weekly@podnews.net Twitter: @jamescridland / @podnews and @samsethi / @joinpodfans Lightning/NOSTR: ⚡james@crid.land and ⚡sam@getalby.com Mastodon: @james@bne.social and @samsethi@podcastindex.social Support us: www.buzzsprout.com/1538779/support Get Podnews: podnews.net
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