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“Is there any more depth to you, or are you just jokes?"…So went The Honourable Tom Houghton’s experience with Netflix influencer/reality show “The Circle”, and we get right into that here! We also discuss his ballistic comedy style, the social media strategy that has seen him accrue over 10M likes across Tiktok and Instagram, and his truly harrowing relationship with his boarding school.We also discover his relationship with improv group The Noise Next Door and how it persists despite him leaving, and encounter a lifelong journey to master sincerity in his work…25 mins of extras available exclusively to the Insiders Club include Tom exploring the relationship between his initial Posh Guy positioning and his most authentic comedy self; how he was called out by friends on his more obnoxious behaviour; and some excellent tips on social media mindset and work ethic.Go to for ad-free episodes, extra content from every show that has it, and much more - including the exclusive Insiders Q&As with Nish Kumar, Alfie Brown, James Acaster and Fern Brady, plus the incredible “self-help for comedians” special with Amanda Donnet.And submit your unmissable moments of ComComPod at up with Tom Houghton:Catch Tom on his sell-out tour with extra dates added as speak! @honourabletomEverything Stu's up to:Stu’s new stand-up special “I Need You Alive” is available online video and audio on demand via www.stuartgoldsmith.comPodcast community, links to comedy clips on Instagram and Tiktok, and Stu’s official YouTube channel are all at join the mailing list to stay friends forever at:www.comedianscomedian.comStu offers remote and in-person talks to business, distilling insights from over 400 comics on cultivating resilience and the ability to bounce back, to all levels from C-suite to team members.“There’s perfect and there’s perfect; and that was perfect.” David Cooper, Chief People Officer, Circle Health Group Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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