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In today's episode, we dive deep into the challenges and potential pitfalls that lie ahead in the podcasting industry.  From the recent episode where Lex Friedman interviewed Kanye West, despite the track record of quality content, to the unpredictable nature of influencer marketing, we explore the unexpected events that can occur and the importance of having a plan in place. We delve into the potential dangers of political bias in podcasting platforms and the importance of transparency and conscious decision-making. But that's not all – we also examine the overwhelming world of podcast advertising, the rise of scoring systems and their implications, and the impact of limiting controversial voices on podcasts. We discuss the fine line between brand safety and censorship and the potential consequences of excessive monitoring and scoring. Are you ready to dive deep into the future we don't want for podcasting? Strap in and join us for this incredibly insightful and thought-provoking episode. Leave a review on our website, futureofpodcasting.net, and let us know your thoughts on the topics discussed. So sit back, relax, and let's explore the future of podcasting together! Your Hosts Find Dave at schoolofpodcasting.com Find Daniel at theaudacitytopodcast.com   Mentioned In This Episode The Audacity to Podcast School of Podcasting Morality Clauses in Podcasting? Gordon Firemark New Media Show with Todd Cochran and Rob Greenlee The Advertising Playbook with Heather Osgood Podnews - Podcast Industry News with James Cridland Time Codes 00:00:17 - The Future That We Don't Want  00:01:06 - Who Will Be Effected By Future Changes? 00:02:52 - You Have To Let Your Audience Know What You Do 00:03:14 - Ads Per Episode 00:05:36 - Seizure Inducing 00:07:47 - 30% is NOT the Goal 00:09:48 - Brand Sustainability  00:12:26 - Really? This is Where We Are Headed? 00:16:08 - What About Bias? 00:17:17 - Who Decides What is True? 00:17:38 - Do I Care About the Political Stance of a Hammer? 00:18:15 - Interpretations vs Facts 00:21:09 - Cultural Issues  00:24:25 - Policies Will Get Worse 00:25:30 - All or Nothing Mentality 00:26:40 - Companies Policing Podcasting 00:31:29 - Let The Audience Decide 00:33:01 - Cancel Corporate 00:33:33 - Does Kanye = Bad?  00:36:27 - What Happened To Dialogue? 00:38:32 - Your Score in the Future 00:39:23 - Corporate FM (aff) 00:40:05 - A Three Star Review  00:41:41 - Pocketcasts Ratings 00:42:26 - Boostagrams As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying pu
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