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Ever wonder why men seem to be Mr. Wonderful at first but really start to show their asses after a few months? It's as if they couldn't keep up the act once they thought they had you hooked. You may have found a selfish short-term thinker rather than a generous long-term thinker.  Chantal Heide - AKA Canada's Dating Coach - is a dating and relationship coach and expert. She's the author of 10 books (plus two workbooks), and it's her book, No More Assholes, that caught Kristen's attention on TikTok. Chantal is so good at dissecting situations and behavior. She mixes the nerdy science-y stuff with romantic actions to help people change their relationship trajectories.  Topics include: how to stop fighting with your spouse, why no kissing for 90 days may be the bold dating move to change your life, dating after divorce, addressing mismatched libido, and much more.   Find Chantal Heide on TikTok  or Instagram, or grab her books on Amazon.  Read my January 2023 column from The Pitch - Please Cancel My Monthly Subscription 
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