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In today’s episode of A Cup of Confidence, we are joined by special guest Katie Kastner the founder of Katie Kastner - Freelancing Writing and Content Marketing Services. She dives into her story about how she made the shift from being a stay home mom to being a business owner. With a background in marketing, education, and sales, she shares how she always wanted to start her own business but never had the confidence or time. However, when the pandemic hit, it changed her path, leading her to see where she was supposed to be and who she was this entire time; an empowered, confident business owner! You don't want to miss this inspiring story, so stay tuned!

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Katie Kastner loves to create engaging, client-focused content for passion-driven entrepreneurs. She is a polished freelance writer with a strong background in marketing, sales, and education. With years of real world experience, her abilities as a writer are an added bonus. She studied at Saint Xavier University, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She also studied at DePaul University, receiving her MED in Elementary and Special Education. Writing blog posts, newsletters, email sequences is her specialty. That’s where Katie comes in and helps! She writes the words that tell your story, promote your product and services and create a brand voice that builds customer awareness, trust, and loyalty. 

Guest Links:

Download 10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post: 


Website: https://katiekastner.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-kastner-77b916196/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiewiththewords/

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