(Clip) 3 tips to make & break habits to build self-care

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This week's episode builds on last week's exploration of self-care (So, what actually is self-care, anyway?). I focus in on 3 approaches that can be useful in supporting us to make habits that serve us - and break habits that we feel have had their time.In the first example, I look at how the language of 'I can't' vs the language of 'I don't' influences our commitment to make better choices. And how when we are more emphatic about our choices, we find it easier to stick to our decisions.Secondly, I share how this same attention to what we say supports us in creating new habits and building new behaviours. Shifting from 'I'm going to try to do X' to 'I do X' tells ourselves (and others) that we are truly committed to the change. It also tricks our mind into believing we already do the habit we want to adopt and that kicks our subconscious into gear to help us make it a reality. Thirdly, there's a psychology around change where when we focus too heavily on the big picture, it can become daunting and feel unachievable. So, breaking it down into manageable pieces, and attaching new behaviours to existing habits, brings it closer to us and we can start to make the changes happen that ultimately lead to its successful outcome.And, as a little bonus idea, I've also included an idea from the Reegroup retreat, Building a Self-Care Bank, that can help us keep sight of how we are caring for ourselves. All of these have served me in making my own changes - and I see how they support clients in making theirs.I'd love to know if this sparks some thoughts for you too. And whether making these small changes prove useful in building and reinforcing your own practice of caring for yourself - in what you do, how you think and what you say.Henny xResources:Anna King - nutritionistJames Clear - Atomic HabitsJoin the mailing list to get new episodes straight to your inbox https://hennyflynn.ck.page/b488b090c7Find out more about Henny's coaching, books, retreats & speaking events https://www.hennyflynn.co.uk/
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