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Value-for-Value (V4V) Funding Model Explained

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The first new desktop environment in a while that has caught our attention, and it promises to unlock the full power of cutting-edge Linux. Why we think every desktop will copy ideas from Hyprland soon.Sponsored By:Tailscale: Tailscale is a Zero config VPN. It installs on any device in minutes, manages firewall rules for you, and works from anywhere. Get 20 devices for free for a personal account. Linode Cloud Hosting: A special offer for all Linux Unplugged Podcast listeners and new Linode customers, visit linode.com/unplugged, and receive $100 towards your new account. Bitwarden: Bitwarden is the easiest way for businesses and individuals to store, share, and sync sensitive data.Support LINUX UnpluggedLinks:Hyprland Hall of FameHyprland Master Tutorial — If you are coming to Hyprland for the first time, this is the main tutorial to read.Hyprland - ArchWiki — Hyprland bundles its own version of wlroots, which closely follows the wlroots-git. This improves stability, while also avoiding dependency conflicts with other wlroots-based compositors.Nix | Hyprland Wiki — Hyprland on Nix can be installed either from Nixpkgs (release version) or from the flake (directly from the main branch).Hyprland on NixOS — The NixOS module enables critical components needed to run Hyprland properly, such as: polkit, xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland, graphics drivers, fonts, dconf, xwayland, and adding a proper Desktop Entry to your Display Manager.awesome-hyprland — Useful tools and libraries that either work or are designed for Hyprland!Outdoor Home Assistant — Why Chris needs ANOTHER Home Assistant instance and a major breakthrough for self-hosters.The Sprinkler Geeks, LLC — Irrigation service, repair, and maintenance. Servicing Thurston, Lewis, & Gray's Harbor Counties.Brocade ICX 6610-24P SwitchBoost Vs Patreon — I have one friend who loves podcasts, but he still doesn't get how it offers anything new compared to Patreon. Could you guys please give a short rundown of how boosts are different and how they have helped LUP?Evernote on Linux — Evernote for Linux is currently in private beta.xwmx/nb — nb is a command line and local web note‑taking, bookmarking, archiving, and knowledge base applicationEcowitt weather stationTidal-Media-Downloader — Tidal-Media-Downloader is an application that lets you download videos and tracks from Tidal.When Stars and Salt Collide” by The Piano Guys.Podcasting 2.0 AppsAlbyLINUX Unplugged on the Podcastindex.orgVod2pod-rss — Vod2Pod-RSS converts a YouTube or Twitch channel into a podcast with ease. It creates a podcast RSS that can be listened to directly inside any podcast client.
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    • Value-for-Value (V4V) Funding Model Explained
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