An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

We have the coolest new retro tool of the year, that will turn you into a Linux powered spy. Plus the changes coming to Fedora, and what GNOME is focusing on next year.

We review the Dell Precision 5750, a born and bred MacBook killer that runs Linux. Plus a nasty reminder of how closely Apple monitors its users, and their fatal flaw that we think is outrageous.

We round up our favorite tweaks to the desktop, and apps that make it great. Plus some highlights from Arch Conf, and our reaction to Mint finally fixing their Chromium problem. Special Guest: Drew DeVore.

Why we think the new Raspberry Pi 400 is just the beginning. And we chat with the CTO of the Uno Platform, a new way to bring native apps to Linux. Chapters: 00:00:00 Pre-show 00:01:01 Intro 00:02:23 Meet the Raspberry Pi 400 00:11:21 Manjaro Update 00:16:59 State of Linux Gaming 00:23:11 GNOME 40 00:27:36 Building Native Apps on Linux 00:48:16 Housekeeping 00:50:05 Feedback 00:58:47 Pick 01:04:23 Post-show Special Guest: Jérôme Laban.

Fedora 33 is a bold release, and we’ve put it through the wringer. We tell you what’s great, and what you should know before diving in. Plus our thoughts on the bigger problem exposed by the youtube-dl takedown. Chapters: 00:00:00 Pre-show 00:03:12 Intro 00:04:40 New LTS Kernel 00:07:16 Pop!_OS 20.10 00:08:47 The youtube-dl Problem 00:29:00 Why 1Password Matters 00:34:52 Housekeeping 00:37:09 Fedora 33 Review 00:56:44 Feedback 01:05:04 Picks 01:08:21 Post-show Special Guests: Brent Gervais and Neal Gompa.

We put the new Ubuntu 20.10 to the test, and chat with System76's Mechanical Engineer to get the secrets of the new Thelio Mega. Plus some important community news, feedback, picks, and more. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-show 1:37 Intro 2:55 Edge for Linux 7:29 Thelio Mega 16:00 NVIDIA's 5.9 Problem 21:02 PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition 25:44 Housekeeping 30:17 Ubuntu 20.10: Groovy Gorilla 49:33 Feedback 54:11 Picks 57:37 Post-show Special Guests: Lindsey Cross and Philip Muller.

We're reminded that you can't judge a distro by its screenshots. We use Pop!_OS for a few weeks and share our embarrassing discovery. Plus our thoughts on the new Plasma release, a super handy pick, and more. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:44 Intro 0:50 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 2:39 Plasma 5.20 7:50 Kernel 5.9 8:05 VMware Flirts with Arm 15:28 SPONSOR: Linode 18:54 Big News for Nebula 22:10 Code-Shaming the Kernel 27:40 Housekeeping 29:31 Pop!OS Exit Interview 31:44 Pop!OS Full-Time Staff 34:49 Pop!OS: The Last Ten Percent 37:46 Pop!OS: A Very Unique Distribution 43:13 Pop!OS: Driving Hardware Sales 47:40 Pop!OS: Strengthening the System76 Brand 49:51 Manjaro Arm 20.10 Released 50:48 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 51:48 Feedback: TLP Magic 53:23 Feedback: Chromebooks and Education 56:16 Pick: Autotier 59:09 Pick: Antennapod 2.0.1 1:00:30 SPONSOR: Core Contributors 1:01:10 Outro 1:03:18 Post-Show Special Guest: Neal Gompa.

Our secrets for a low-cost bulletproof Nextcloud server that we figured out the hard way. We take you into the "server garage" and share our lessons learned. Special Guests: Brent Gervais and Drew DeVore.

We embrace new tools to upgrade your backup game, securely move files around the network, and debunk the idea that Windows will ever be based on Linux. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:29 Intro 0:46 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 2:31 LVFS Hits 20 Million Downloads 4:10 Dell Precision 5750 Review Unit Coming Soon 6:27 LVFS Continued 7:29 Xen Hypervisor is Porting to Raspberry Pi 4 12:09 New Dell XPS 13 Developer Editions 14:56 Lenovo Expands its Linux-Loaded Selection 16:48 SPONSOR: Linode 19:31 WSL to Support GUI Apps 24:09 Will Microsoft Switch to Linux? 33:18 Fedora 33 Beta is Live 35:13 Housekeeping 36:13 Exploring Send and Receive 38:06 Send and Receive: Backups 39:37 Send and Receive: Setting Up the Volumes 41:00 Send and Receive: Rsync Comparison 43:40 Send and Receive: Data Retention Tests 48:10 Send and Receive: Comparing Performance 50:09 Send and Receive: Right Tool for the Job 55:29 Send and Receive: Rivaling NTFS and APFS 57:39 Feedback: Todo Apps 1:01:33 SPONSOR: Unplugged Core Contributors 1:02:30 Outro 1:04:17 Post-Show Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, and Neal Gompa.

What would it really take to get you to switch Linux distributions? We debate the practical reasons more and more people are sticking with the big three. Plus Carl from System76 stops by to surprise us with some firmware news. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 2:22 Intro 2:36 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 4:24 USB Booting the Pi 4 10:10 System76 Open Firmware Update 23:14 SPONSOR: Linode 25:28 OpenPOWER Summit 2020 29:23 EndeavourOS ARM 30:14 Housekeeping 30:53 SPONSOR: Unplugged Core Contributors 32:59 It's Really Just a Three Distro World 46:37 Feedback: systemd Skepticism 50:50 Feedback: EmacsConf2020 51:40 Picks 52:12 Pick: Cloud Hypervisor 53:51 Pick: SongRec 54:45 Pick: tmpmail 55:55 Pick: MyPaas 57:16 Outro 59:11 Post-Show Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Carl Richell, and Neal Gompa.

Friends join us to discuss Cabin, a proposal that encourages more Linux apps and fewer distros. Plus, we debate the value that the Ubuntu community brings to Canonical, and share a pick for audiobook fans. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:48 Intro 0:54 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 2:25 Future of Ubuntu Community 6:51 Ubuntu Community: Popey Responds 9:31 Ubuntu Community: Stuart Langridge Responds 16:26 Ubuntu Community: Mark Shuttleworth Responds 17:30 BTRFS Workflow Developments 19:09 Linux Kernel 5.9 Performance Regression 24:48 SPONSOR: Linode 27:34 Cabin 29:48 Cabin: More Apps, Fewer Distros 33:41 Cabin: Building Small Apps 36:40 Cabin: What is a Cabin App? 44:34 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 45:20 Feedback: Fedora 33 Bug-A-Thon 47:53 Goin' Indy Update 49:40 Submit Your Linux Prepper Ideas 50:11 Feedback: Dev IDEs 54:15 Feedback: Nextcloud 58:20 Picks: Cozy 1:00:25 Outro 1:01:38 Post-Show Special Guests: Alan Pope, Drew DeVore, and Stuart Langridge.

We get an update from PipeWire developer Wim Taymans on the status of Linux's new audio and video subsystem. Plus Alexi Pol joins us for two big updates from the KDE community. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 1:30 Intro 1:49 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 2:56 Linux Action News Returns! 4:17 Ubuntu 20.10 Embraces Active Directory 7:26 DebConf 2020 12:58 Pipewire Progress with Wim Tayman 23:26 SPONSOR: Linode 25:28 Akademy 2020 33:41 Housekeeping 36:19 SPONSOR: Unplugged Core Contributors 38:08 Jono Bacon's Book Club 39:05 Feedback: Alpine Server Challenge 40:15 Feedback: Remote Office 44:05 Picks: SC-IM 45:11 Picks: Present 47:30 Outro 48:49 Post-Show Special Guests: Aleix Pol, Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, Neal Gompa, and Wim Taymans.

The Raspberry Pi might be getting a small software fix that makes a big performance improvement. Plus, we attempt to combine two internet connections with Linux live from the woods! Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 1:07 Intro 1:55 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 2:35 Lenovo Linux Laptops 11:21 Raspberry Pi Storage Speedup 13:31 SPONSOR: Linode 17:45 Linux Unplugged Core Contributors 18:58 Fedora 33 Bug-a-Thon 20:55 Using Two Internet Connections in Linux 25:11 Policy Routing 28:32 Net-ISP-Balance 31:46 Diving into Policy Routing 33:42 Speedify 39:35 Feedback 40:32 Pick: tunshell 43:16 Outro 45:46 Post-Show Special Guests: Alan Pope, Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, and Neal Gompa.

It's a new day for Jupiter Broadcasting and the show, we share our big news. Plus our plan to help make a difference in free software, and we reunite with some old friends. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:42 Intro 1:08 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru 2:59 Arch Update 4:13 Big News for Jupiter Broadcasting 6:58 Coder Radio Returns 8:08 Linux Action News Returns 9:45 The Future of Jupiter Broadcasting 10:23 Unplugged Core Contributors 15:01 Arch Update Part 2 16:49 Housekeeping 18:20 Arch Update Part 3 19:05 Bug Squashers Assemble 24:11 Fedora 33 Test Week 28:27 Fedora IoT 33:51 Pick: FetchCord 34:50 Wimpy's Discord Plea 37:14 Arch Update Part 4 38:16 Pick: Chowdown 40:59 Catching Up with Mike 52:21 Catching Up with Joe 54:30 Catching Up with Wimpy 1:01:19 Outro 1:03:34 Post-Show Special Guests: Alan Pope, Alex Kretzschmar, Drew DeVore, Joe Ressington, Martin Wimpress, and Neal Gompa.

We round up the best podcast clients for your Linux desktop, mobile, and the web. Plus we announce the official Jupiter Broadcasting Matrix server, share some great picks, and a thought-provoking email. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:35 Intro 2:03 Debian Requests Artwork 3:04 Google Kernel Code Dump 8:07 The Future of Rust 14:15 Manjaro Forum Meltdown 20:11 Matrix Server Migration 27:38 Housekeeping 28:44 Podcatcher Play-Off 29:08 Podcatcher Play-Off: Honorable Mentions 31:33 Podcatcher Play-Off: Winds 33:36 Podcatcher Play-Off: Cpod 35:33 Podcatcher Play-Off: Airsonic 38:16 Podcatcher Play-Off: Shellcaster 40:15 Podcatcher Play-Off: Castero 40:42 Podcatcher Play-Off: Castget 42:27 Podcatcher Play-Off: Pocketcasts 44:22 Podcatcher Play-Off: Antennapod 45:09 Podcatcher Play-Off: Overcast 47:22 Feedback: Mac Pro as a Daily Driver 48:38 Feedback: Internet Apocalypse 57:22 Pick: Quad SATA Kit for Raspberry Pi 1:00:01 Pick: Outrun 1:02:50 Outro 1:04:30 Post-Show Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, Neal Gompa, and Philip Muller.

We refurbish a special machine from the Jupiter Broadcasting Hardware Archive and try out Matrix, the one chat platform to rule them all. Plus Dan and Cassidy from elementary OS join us to discuss version 6.0. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:45 Intro 2:25 KDE Neon 20.04 4:17 Mozilla Resturcturing 8:21 elementary OS 6 18:29 Housekeeping 20:00 Matrix 22:33 Silver Salvage 29:43 Matrix Server Punishment Test 33:04 Clients Galore 35:06 Secure By Default 43:56 Outro 45:08 Post-Show Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar, Cassidy James Blaede, Daniel Fore, Drew DeVore, and Neal Gompa.

We explain why BootHole is getting so much attention and break down the key issues. Then we review our favorite Linux-compatible headsets. Plus community news, feedback, and more. Special Guests: Drew DeVore and Neal Gompa.

The past, present and future of Linux on Arm. The major challenges still facing full Linux support, and why ServerReady might be a solution to unify Arm systems. Plus we chat with the Manjaro team about recent changes. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:58 Intro 2:01 Terminal 2.0 in ChromeOS 4:41 Manjaro's Process Problems 13:49 Manjaro Sneak Peaks 15:41 Weekend Manjaro Journey 21:02 Housekeeping 22:09 ARM on Linux 24:01 The History of ARM 28:16 Single Board Computing Revolution 31:47 ARM Reaching into the Present 33:17 The Future of ARM 36:42 Not Everyone Loves ARM 43:01 Wants and What Ifs 48:30 App Pick: tuptime 49:48 App Pick: s-tui 50:21 Outro 51:36 Post-Show Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Dalton Durst, Drew DeVore, Jeremy Soller, Marius Gripsgard, Neal Gompa, and Philip Muller.

Fedora makes a bold move and Microsoft seems to be working on their ideal "Cloud PC", we ponder what Linux has to offer. Plus an easy way to remotely watch movies with others, and a bunch of your feedback. Chapters: 0:00 Pre-Show 0:29 Intro 2:34 RSI Woes 7:21 Jellyfin 13:12 Proxmox Backup Server 16:22 ProcMon for Linux 20:16 Fedora 33 Defaults to Btrfs 24:27 systemd-oomd 26:38 Housekeeping 28:41 Riot Becomes Element 32:36 Mysterious Microsoft Job Posting 39:19 Picks: Polybar 40:57 Picks: ytop 42:43 Feedback 48:50 Outro 50:06 Post-Show Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, and Neal Gompa.

Our team has been using Nextcloud to replace Dropbox for over a year, we report back on what has worked great, and what's not so great. Plus why Linus Torvalds has become the master of saying no. Special Guest: Drew DeVore.