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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

Value for Value (V4V) ⚡️

  • 470: Let's Call It an Upgrade
    We present a buffet of budget Linux boxes. From $40 to $400 you'll be surprised by what we found. Then we attempt to find the perfect distro for them.
  • 469: Tough Linux Love
    Is the Linux desktop hard to love? A long-time user experience developer argues it is, and we respond to his criticisms.
  • 468: The Read Only Scenario
    A fundamental change is coming to desktop Linux, and Silverblue might be our hint at where things are going.
  • 467: All Hands on Deck
    We try and bust a common Linux distro myth. Then what surprised Chris about his new Steam Deck.
  • 466: The Night of a Thousand Errors
    We were fixing servers all night, but at least we have a great story. A special guest joins us to help make a big show announcement.
  • 465: Too Nixy for My Shirt
    The one shared secret behind some of the world's most powerful open-source projects.
  • 464: Git Happens
    We're going back in time to witness the early days of a critical tool to build Linux, then jump forward 15 years and join our buddy Brent on his journey to learn that very tooling.
  • 463: Humble Beginnings
    One of the pioneers of the web, VNC, Webcams, and more joins us; plus we'll update you on a few projects we love.
  • 462: One Cosmic Collaboration
    From skeptic to buyer, why the HP Dev One is the best Linux laptop yet. This is the one review you don't want to miss.
  • 461: Deep in the Tumbleweeds
    Three tails of tech tribulations, and how Brent saved his openSUSE Tumbleweed box from the brink.
  • 460: CPU as a Service
    A new Linux update allows Intel to control features in your CPU using hardware-level DRM.
  • 459: Better than Butter
    We take a sneak peek at some future tech coming to Linux, and share details on HP's new laptop that runs POP!
  • 458: NVIDIA's New View
    NVIDIA is open-sourcing their GPU drivers, but there are a few things you need to know. Plus, we get some exclusive insights into Tailscale from one of its co-founders.
  • 457: Automated Chaos
    Each of us brings a secret topic to the show, and we discover a common theme about using the wrong tool for the right job.
  • 456: Our Linux Regrets
    If we could change just one mistake in our Linux journey, what would it be?
  • 455: I run NixOS BTW
    We've hit a bump in the road with the NixOS challenge, and share what it might not be great at. Plus, what we didn't cover in our Ubuntu 22.04 review.
  • 454: Double Distro Details
    Has Fedora pulled ahead of Ubuntu? We take a look at the new Fedora 36 and Ubuntu 22.04 releases.
  • 453: Raleigh Action Show
    We just wrapped up our East Coast meetup and have a bunch of great stories to share. Plus some Nix ups and downs, and more.
  • 452: Synapse Collapse
    How we nearly crashed our Matrix server; what we did wrong and how we're fixing it.
  • 451: The NixOS Challenge
    We explore what makes NixOS so powerful, and why it might be the future of all Linux distributions.