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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

Live Schedule

One Simple Rule for a Stable Linux Desktop
When: May 26th 2024, 6:30:00 PM UTC

Value for Value ⚡️

  • 563: Nix's People Problem
    After months of debate, the Nix community might be coming to a resolution. We'll examine what happened, what's changing.
  • 562: Red Hat Knows How to Party
    Three revelations from Red Hat Summit. Our on-the-ground report will separate fact from hype.
  • 561: Folders as a Service
    A few of our go-to tools for one-liner web servers, sharing media directly from folders, and a much needed live Arch server update, and more!
  • 560: Linux Festivus For the Rest of Us
    The first LinuxFest is back and better than ever. We share stories and friends from one of the best Linux gatherings of the year: LinuxFest Northwest.
  • 559: Linux is Bigger in Texas
    We're back from Austin, with interviews and stories to share. Plus, it's Gentoo week and we take our first look at Fedora 40.
  • 558: Top 5 Essential Apps
    We asked, and you answered: Your top 5 Linux app essentials and post-install rituals. Plus, some news to better cope with "extreme file-system damage."
  • 557: Crouching kexec, Hidden Linux
    We're building a completely hidden Linux OS inside an existing system—with no trace left behind.
  • 556: The xz Backdoor Exposed 🚨
    We're breaking down the attack: how it works, how it was hidden, and why time was running out for the attacker.
  • 555: Glide like a Goose, Honk like a Moose
    We test the Linux-first, all-AMD Sirius 16 laptop, discuss the new Hyprland release, and share a few stories from our recent trip.
  • 554: SCaLEing Nix
    We're on the ground live at NixCon and SCaLE. We catch up with old friends, and discover how Nix is devouring the Linux world one function at a time.
  • 553: Portably Predictable Productivity
    We each bring surprise topics, a mix of hardware and software, as we prepare to hit the road for NixCon and SCaLE.
  • 552: Plasma's Perfect Play
    Plasma 6 is out, and we've been giving it a go. What's new, our thoughts, and the lessons other desktops should learn.
  • 551: AI Under Your Control
    Corporate AI is a hot mess, but open-source alternatives can be open-ended chaos. We’ll test some of the best ways to get local AI tools under your control.
  • 550: Ready Player Linux
    Chris spends the week in a VR desktop, revealing the glitches, gains, and VR's open-source future.
  • 549: Will it Nixcloud?
    Deploying Nextcloud the Nix way promises a paradise of reproducibility and simplicity. But is it just a painful trek through configuration hell? We built the dream Nextcloud using Nix and faced reality.
  • 548: Uncomfortable Linux Truths
    Some uncomfortable truths about using Linux, and then we introduce a new segment: Will it Nix?
  • 547: Behind the Shelves
    Data-hoard with purpose and manage your audiobooks and podcasts with one application, plus the lone Linux box that remains on Mars.
  • 546: What You’re Missing about NixOS
    Trying NixOS can be fraught with complexity, half-completed guides, and boring videos. Even if you never plan to switch to NixOS, we invite you to come along for a hype-free ride that digs into one of the most rapidly developing areas of Linux.
  • 545: 3,062 Days Later
    Kent Overstreet, the creator of bcachefs, helps us understand where his new filesystem fits, what it's like to upstream a new filesystem, and how they've solved the RAID write hole.
  • 544: Half the Bits, Double the Pain
    This challenge gets ugly as we slowly realize we've just become zombie slayers.