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Reimage Church is a movement of people just like you. We come from all races, generations and backgrounds. All of us have struggles, but together we experience God and let Him change us. We accept that we are a work in progress, so we are honest about our struggles, unconditional in our love for one another and focused on our pursuit to be like Jesus. We know that life change doesn’t happen overnight, nor can we do it on our own, so we value passionate worship, Biblical teaching, growing together and changing the world with God’s message of hope. We like to say that Reimage Church is a place “where anyone can change with people like you who God is changing into someone like Him.”

  • Building According To His Pattern
  • It's Not Good, It's Not God, But God is Good
  • Be Still And Know
  • The Most Important Scripture
  • Finding Freedom through Forgiveness
  • Freedom To Live The Kingdom
  • Freedom To Reap
  • Freedom To Change
  • Freedom From Family Baggage
  • Freedom From Bad Relationships
  • Freedom From A Dysfunctional Family
  • Freedom From The Curse
  • Freedom From Death
  • Freedom From Me
  • Freedom From Others
  • Family Sunday | Challenge Accepted
  • Freedom From Evil
  • Believe To Overcome
  • It's All About Freedom
  • What Do You Want Me To Do For You?