Sports? with Katie Nolan
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Sports? with Katie Nolan is a weekly show about sports and all the things tangentially related to sports. Its friends would describe it as "curious," "fun," and "a podcast." Weekly guests will include sports fans from all sorts of industries: comedy, film, television, science?
Katie begins by discussing the Patriots and then spends some time sharing her thoughts on the Antonio Brown story (18:20). Then, the KAJ gets into the rest of the football news like Ben's injury, The Unfortunate Saints (36:50), and Jay picking his new NFL team (42:20). Later, they get into the rest: there's a college football update (55:35), Man City are losers (1:06:00), and some Miami Arena information that can't be missed (1:13:30).

The gang gets into the KAJ to decide which sport Nicolas "KAJ" Cage should coach (00:41), then talks How Awesome MNF Was (12:09), Lamar Jackson's Arm (25:45), and the rest of Week 1. Later, they're joined by a special guest to talk about LSU Football and Lanard (Not Leonard) Fournette (39:08). They finish with a deep dive into the California Student-Athlete Bill (46:10), a very sexy KFC story (1:00:10), and picking their desert island condiment (1:05:26).

It's week one of the NFL season, so the Sports? crew dives deep. They talk Belichick (21:25), Antonio Brown (33:15), and Zeke and Melvin Gordon (39:00). They also take some time to discuss other huge stories, like Mike Leach's Area 51 take (46:45), Rose Lavelle's Dance (50:40), and The Official Jeremy Renner App (52:15). Later, they head into the Elimination Chamber to crown this season's Super Bowl champion (1:07:05).

Katie powers through illness and starts by answering a voicemail about which USWNT player is her spirit animal (00:30). Later, the gang talks Carli Lloyd kicking in the NFL (12:10) before being joined by very special guest Rose Lavelle (20:04). Finally, the crew tries to figure out which field size they should shrink (52:45). This pod is just for you, trust us.

The crew makes a phone call and gives someone a Premier League team (00:43), then gets into all of the most important stories: gas station enhancement pills and MLB (25:45), all of the NFL drama (35:40), VAR (51:48), Donald Sterling (1:01:22), the USWNT's court date (1:06:07), and that Larry Bird Mural (1:12:50). Later, Ashley tries to guess the names of all of the new XFL teams (1:26:32) and the gang plays Kiss, Marry, Kill (1:40:43).

Katie and Ashley discuss Katie's ESPN Fantasy Marathon Draft and breaking Adam Schefter's news (8:15), then later discuss Boogie's knee injury (23:30), an update on the USWNT's negotiations (28:34), Antonio Brown's helmet (33:24), Jay-Z and the NFL (41:45), and Aaron Rodgers' beer sales take (52:03). Later, the gang decides on a fantasy football penalty (1:09:30).

It's time to re-enter the KAJ. Katie and Ashley start off with a voicemail about rare advice (00:15), then later get into the news, talking Zeke and Melvin Gordon's holdouts (18:20), all of the magical moments that happened on the Hard Knocks premiere (31:21), the Premier League's imminent return (41:53), Ocho Day (50:52), and all of the internet news (55:49). Later, a very explosive Bachelorette Update (1:02:40), and then the gang chooses who they'd sit with at lunch and it is not who you'd think (1:14:00).

It's that time again... it's an ALL VOICEMAIL POD. This week, the gang takes all of your important questions, including: which sporting event they'd time travel to (00:17), is white chocolate trash (10:10), who's the best sports power couple (14:29), the ideal hockey team of Marvel characters (36:18), what are their top 90's TV shows (46:30), bleacher fight physics (52:39), the hardest they've ever laughed (58:55) and their favorite punctuation (1:08:00).

Katie and Ashley celebrate the glorious return of the Damsel, then introduce a new segment called Storytime, where Katie takes us on a journey through all of the stories, regular and Instagram, of her recent life. Those include Megan Rapinoe (23:48), LeBron (29:08), an aside about Hot Girl Summer (32:18) and an awkward drink request. Later, a Bachelorette Update (01:03:25), a pre-NFL run through (1:12:00), and finally, they Enter The KAJ (1:26:07).

The US Women's National Team WON THE WORLD CUP. So, naturally, Katie and Ashley go over every single amazing moment (9:46), then discuss equal pay (21:30) , and every glorious Instagram moment (35:25). Later, they talk Kawhi (48:20) and The Infamous B/R Tweet (55:00).

Katie and Ashley begin with a very adorable voicemail about weird sports facts (00:42), then delve into all of the NBA Free Agency stories including: Kawhi the rules man (20:06), the sad tale of the New York Knicks (30:19), and all of the other big moves (34:00). Later, they preview the USWNT semi-final match vs. England (46:10) and celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day (57:54).

This week's podcast is incredible. Katie and Ashley preview the USWNT's match-up vs. France (15:43), then discuss Cam Newton and whether or not one should ever recline on an airplane (34:35), Tom Brady's most recent photoshoot (38:12), the first (of many) Woj Bombs (39:56), and the best and worst NFL fanbases (41:00), allegedly. Later, a Bachelorette Update (52:08) and Katie and Ashley compete as Beyonce's assistant in an innovative Twitter thread (1:02:24). It's too bad you can only listen to it if you're Tobin Heath.

Katie and Ashley start with a voicemail about how they wake up (00:45). Then, Katie tells the story of when she finally met Doris Burke (13:00). The gang then issues a quick retraction and apology (20:45) before before they dive into the big news: The Raptors Won The NBA Finals (!!) (26:20), Klay and KD and Chocolate Milk Being Badass (30:40), the USWNT and 13 goals (46:30), and the Stanley Cup (1:02:22). Later, A Bachelorette Update (1:16:50), then they talk Hard Knocks (1:18:35), John Manziel (1:21:30) Prayers for Big Papi, (1:23:50) and Max Muncy's weird diss (1:26:00).

Katie and Ashley get right into the big news of the week, discussing: NBA Finals and some groundbreaking Durant San Francisco news (11:50), the Stanley Cup Finals (21:55), and Liverpool's Champions League glory (31:25). Later, the gang discuss Juju's visit to prom (43:40), the Board Man who Gets Paid (49:20), and the Women's World Cup Kickoff (1:05:10). Later, they draft their Space Jam lineups using other cartoon characters (1:23:00) and names USWNT-themed food (1:43:40).

The gang is back together and start with a voicemail about Women's World Cup (1:30), then figure out the distinction between a Whiskey Cavalier Update and a Whiskey Cavalier Update Update (13:00). Later, they talk all of the news, including: Bruins vs. Blues (22:15), the NBA Finals and Drake's tattoos (34:20), Klay Thompson, milk, and his mom (43:59), the Champions League Final and some very exciting Mo Salah news (54:30), and Rob Pelinka lying about a dead guy (1:01:50). Later, the gang plays Name That Tweet: NBA Finals Edition (1:18:20) and comes up with sports musicals (1:28:50).

The crew starts off with a voicemail about choosing a different place to live other than the place they currently live, a Whiskey Cavalier update, the latest on Drake vs the Bucks, Aaron Rodgers lack of chugging talent, Orioles are the worst pitching staff in the MLB, a Stanley Cup update, a traffic jam at Mount Everest, the last Game Of Thrones conversation ever and much more. Plus, a voicemail about trading Liverpool's chance to win the Champions League for the Premier League title.

The crew starts off with a voicemail about choosing taste buds or sports (2:18) and the second-to-last Whiskey Cavalier update (10:45). Later, it gets real when Katie, Ashley and Jay discuss the Premier League finale and some inter-pod drama (22:08), then the gang talks NHL Hand Passes (32:10), Nick Kyrgios latest fit (41:40), Nike and Pregnancy (44:16), and Game of Thrones (54:20). Later, the gang drafts their Bachelorette picks (1:01:30).

Katie and Ashley take a voicemail about a hypothetical President Nolan administration (1:28), then they get into some huge stories, like: court-side beer chugging (20:22), Danica Patrick's drink (24:15), Liverpool's unforgettable comeback (40:15), the Game of Thrones Cup and a new segment called 'No One Cares But I Care' (50:18), and some issues regarding the SI swimsuit issue (54:00). Later, the gang introduces a game called Hot Tab Time Machine (1:04:00).

Katie and Ashley get past some jelly bean drama to discuss whether texting "k" means you hate someone (8:35), then later they pick, including: picking a Derby horse (21:50), Dwayne Haskins and #7 (32:25), Smash Mouth's latest hot take (56:16), and the USWNT's World Cup lineup (1:01:00). Later, the gang enters the elimination chamber to crown the best sports feeling of all time (1:10:00).

Katie and Ashley recap some insane playoff moments, like Damian Lillard's buzzer beater (18:01) and the Sharks miracle comeback (26:00). Later, they discuss Danny Amendola's messy instagram post (32:19), the NFL Draft (41:55), and fake MLB jobs (47:50). Finally, the gang returns to the Elimination Chamber, deciding which Avenger will be the last left standing (01:01:18).

Katie and Ashley dive in on six big stories: Tiger Woods and Ashley's Terrible Pivot (23:05), NHL Playoffs (33:25), NBA Texting (42:30), Kim Jong Un in a Fedora (49:02), Russell Wilson flexin' on 'em (51:46), A-Rod's practice proposal (56:24), and Ronda Rousey's Impregnation Vacation (59:40). Later, the gang plays a round of everyone's favorite game, Novel Ideas (1:12:51).

Katie and Ashley talk Two-Belt Becky Lynch's epic win and a new WWE character who they don't love (13:17), Magic Johnson's Irish exit from the Lakers (17:26), NHL Playoff Matchups and a man scoring a goal with his teeth (28:15), and make (slightly late) Masters picks (37:30). Later, a Very Cavallari update (45:00) and the gang drafts to decide who they think will win the Game of Thrones (50:51).

The gang is back and ready to pick six. They talk the unlikely Final Four (27:34), the end of the AAF (34:20), Steph Curry's Mini Golf Competition (43:40) and Wrestlemania (49:30). Later, a Very Cavallari update (58:30), and then Ashley interviews THE MAN, Becky Lynch (1:01:00).

It's the end of Third Month Crazy Time, which brings Katie and Ashley to the most important bracket of all: The Best Ad Reads in Sports? History. This pod has everything: Minnesota Hockey Mom (22:18), The Birth of the Southern Damsel (25:23), Soulcycle Instructors (29:20), Celine Dion (33:46), Miley Cyrus (41:36), and Rebecca Lowe (31:07). And there's a Whiskey Cavalier update (54:33).

Katie and Ashley continue the bracket crazy month wackadoo with the final word on the best dynamic duo of all time - and with Bert and Ernie, Key and Peele, and Jordan and Pippen involved, the competition is stiff (13:40). There's also a Very Cavallari Update (50:18) and a Whiskey Cavalier Update (8:55) and a very important Sports? Voting opportunity (1:35:50).

Katie and Ashley's second bracket of Third Month Crazy Time raises the stakes when they crown the King of Bagged Snacks (12:08). There's also our last Bachelor Update of the season (45:30), a Very Cavallari Update (53:23), a brief Whiskey Cavalier update (3:50), and a not-to-be-missed Miley Cyrus moment (1:21:51).

It's the third month, which means Third Month Crazy Time Brackets are BACK. This week Katie and Ashley take on naming the best ever Sports Movie (8:32). There's also a Bachelor Update (45:30), a Very Cavallari (58:20) Update, and a Whiskey Cavalier Update (5:55).

Katie and Ashley pick six huge stories, starting with Jason Witten's return to the NFL and their dream MNF booth (12:07). Then they talk Bryce Harper (16:55), Robert Kraft (22:55), and Johnny Manziel, ganja, and brewskis (31:10). Later, there's a Bachelor Update (53:40) and the Gang placates a voicemail asking them to do an All Fantasy Everything draft from their home states and it works, sort of (58:45). Oh. And there's also a Whiskey Cavalier update (6:30).

It's that time again... it's an ALL VOICEMAIL POD. The gang answers all of the important questions, like: the leavuffavoicemail origin story (1:26), who would do your Drunk History (27:20), the Cher vs. Celine Dion Cage Match (37:32), the best ever sports nicknames (45:06), and the final word on 80's vs 90's music (51:12).

Katie and Ashley celebrate Valentine's Day by breaking up with Christ Pratt (7:53), then picking six more break-up stories like Joe Flacco and the Ravens (18:20), Kyler Murray and Baseball (29:10), and Mo Salah and his beard (33:05). Later, Katie writes sports poems (47:50) and the gang names a dog (1:00:00).

Katie and Ashley are back and ready for Sports? They analyze the Pelicans mind games (22:09), talk Pat Mahomes' basketball ban (27:30), and give their hot take about Jason Whitlock's hot take on LeBron (37:10). Later, the gang gets a Bachelor Update (48:32) and then tries to eliminate and crown the One Greatest Jock Jam, Volume 1 (53:00).

Katie and Ashley come up with the best sports names ever (1:15), celebrate the Pats in the Super Bowl (14:30), consider tackling Rex Ryan (20:50), cover the Browns' very unfortunate Twitter incident (26:43), analyze Antonio Brown's terrible mustache (33:19), and of course discuss the potential Stephen A. Smith vs. Derek Carr UFC match-up (36:00). Later, there's a Bachelor Update (43:50) and the gang tries to solve a Gritty murder mystery (48:51).

Katie and Ashley pick six and then another several because there are so many great sports stories this week, such as: The Pats in the AFC Championship (27:30), Seagulls Gone Wild at the Australian Open (41:00), Soccer Spies (46:50), The MTV Cribs Scandal (1:10:10), and something called the Texas Wine Service (1:15:06). Finally, Ashley has a very important Bachelor Update (1:17:30), and the gang answers a voicemail about their most narrow escapes (1:32:03).

Katie and Ashley take a voicemail about best birthday desserts (1:59), discuss the double doink (9:55), preview the NFL playoff matchups (12:30), talk Kyler Murray and the NFL draft (22:09), and dissect a pants problem for hockey players (31:10). Later, The Bachelor is back and with it the ultimate Katie Nolan Bachelor Draft (41:07).

Katie & Ashley recap 2018 by awarding their favorites of the year, including: Best Quote (16:30), Most Insane Moment (18:30), Biggest Non-Story (21:40), Best Celebration (26:10), Biggest Whoopsie (28:20), Best Repeat Performance (35:00), Most Cringeworthy (38:40), Best Nickname (40:30), Biggest Surprise (45:35), and Best Video of the Year (50:20).

Katie and Ashley start the holiday season right, by discussing foods you don't like and don't want to explain (1:06), then later discuss the glorious return of Nathan Peterman (17:42), Yang Yang the giant panda's football picks (26:15), Carrie Underwood-gate (29:28), and A-Rod's binder full of decks (34:20). Later, the gang plays Ones Gotta Go Holiday Edition (51:50).

Katie & Ashley pick six based on suggestions from the fine people of Twitter, such as: Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl (19:30), the Hurricanes in Whalers jerseys (23:08), doctors maybe lying to players (28:20), Steph and the moon landing (38:44), and Sarver getting owned by Greta Rogers (48:32). Later, the gang asks 20 questions to try and guess what Ashley called "literally the stupidest thing she's ever done" (56:10).

Katie & Ashley take on this week's big headlines: Seattle's new hockey team (17:00), ALL of the new football leagues (21:10), and a naked Oreo run to remember (34:30). Then it's time for another exciting round of Sports Charades (47:12), and finally a voicemail about shredded cheese. (1:00:17)

Katie and Ashley are BACK! They take on the hard-hitting stories like their top-two Thanksgiving foods (1:24), the Reuben Foster fiasco (13:40), Baker Mayfield and Hue Jackson (28:30), a FAKED death in the world of Irish soccer (31:55), and the Bucs giving away tickets literally for free (44:12). Later, it's the return of NAME THAT TWEET (51:30) and a brief chat about naming a dog Mitchell Trubarksky! (1:05:10).

Katie and Ashley take on not five - but SIX - very important sports stories including Le'Veon Bell's locker (11:24), that hot beef between Draymond and Durant (20:50), Jimmy Butler's minivan (29:28), Patrick Mahomes Ketchupgate (31:00), Volleyball Proposals (38:00), and Becky Lynch's broken face (41:40). Later, the gang tries to name the top 5 Thanksgiving floats (51:50) and plays One Gotta Go and makes some very tough choices (1:01:00).

It's time for another ALL VOICEMAIL POD! This Pod has everything: donut power rankings (:38), the worst rules in sports (16:15), fantasy boy bands (25:00), autographs as adults (47:00), dinosaur meat (51:55), the backstory on Katie's Liverpool fanhood (1:02:15), and the gang's senior quotes (1:15:00).

Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about whether it's okay to say "we won" about your team (1:01), then they dive into some serious news (11:01), talk about the sex toy backfield incident (16:40), discuss the dumpster fire in Cleveland (20:15), give an update on the WNBA negotiations (27:30), and chat Matt Patricia's posture requirements (42:30). Later, the gang plays a brand new game called Sports Charades and it gets bonkers (50:30) and answer a voicemail about top 5 flightless birds (1:15:00).

Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about taking on a second team when you move somewhere new (1:05), give a quick Red Sox Fan Red Sox update (10:53), analyze deep analytics in football (25:14), bid adieu to #1 QB Chad Kelly (32:41), play a new game called Name That Tweet (54:04), and take a voicemail from two Sports? fans who maybe fell in love! (1:13:00).

Katie and Ashley are joined by Mina Kimes and debut TWO new games! They take a voicemail about athletes playing other sports (1:17), play SAME or SHAME (9:58), learn way too much about Mina's dog (15:08), try and decipher sports books by their covers (37:30), and answer a voicemail about how to pick a Halloween costume properly (1:01:50).

Katie & Ashley talk about SO MANY SPORTS THINGS like Jimmy Butler (8:05), Odell (13:05), Charles Barkley's underwear (33:00), analyze which NFL QBs can and cannot dunk (1:10:00) and so much more!

Katie & Ashley answer a voicemail about turtle names (:55), talk about Le'Veon Bell's alleged return (09:28), tell you to Go Look It Up (17:14), are joined by Always Late writer Dave Lozo to discuss hockey, pie-gate, and more (23:00), and discuss whether it's okay for athletes to shave with no notice (34:32).

Katie & Ashley answer what sport they want to watch an animal play (:45), discuss the news (9:34), brainstorm their tag-team name (28:39), and a voicemail about tinder magic.

Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail from a woman going into labor (:20), talk about what happened on this week of the show (12:40), discuss Space Jam 2 (15:45), talk about what can happen in Buffalo (22:00), play a new, very cool game called Whose Side Are You On (31:50), discuss pie flavors (42:00), a voicemail about Katie's multi-color pen preferences (49:30), and much, much more.

Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about sleeping with your dog (:19), discuss the important things that have happened since they last did a podcast (9:30), talk about Katie's new show (33:07), share some jokes that didn't make the cut (37:02), dive into Mark Wahlberg's daily schedule (47:52), and learn about primal zodiac signs (58:00).

Katie and Ashley answer a voicemail about picking between having no eyebrows or no fingernails (:10). Plus, the ladies take you on a super-slapping live adventure from Katie's first WWE Summer Slam (7:00).