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Today we take a look at the history of US tensions with Iran and the reality that it has been the irrationality of multiple Republican administrations working hand-in-glove with the far-right government of Israel that has thwarted any chance of peace.

Today we take a look at The Afghanistan Papers which reveal in stark detail much of what the anti-war movement has known or strongly suspected since the beginning. Going beyond the scope of The Pentagon Papers of the Vietnam War era, The Afghanistan Papers feature interviews and documentation from top-ranking officials admitting from the start that they had no idea what they were doing in Afghanistan.

Today we take a look back at the year 2010 in our annual 10-years-past retrospective to see what we may learn. 2010 was an enormous year of news and I've been working on this episode so long that I can hardly remember life before I started.

Today, due to my current bout of perpetual-rake-in-the-face, I share a selection of honorable mentions from the 2009 retrospective show

Today we take a look at the social benefits of high taxation as the US gears up for our first genuine debate on raising taxes in a long time with an eye toward the life-improving programs that money could fund.

Today we take a look at the history of FDR's "Four Freedoms" and "Economic Bill of Rights" that laid the groundwork for the fight for economic freedom for all that continues to this day.

Today we take a look at the warring factions of progressive and conservatives who are all trying to amend the constitution in various ways. Some progressives want to call for a Convention of States to propose an amendment, as do some conservatives, while others are calling for an amendment but would rather it go through the Congress for reasons that will be explained.

Today we take a look at socialism in America from our often violent response to the concept in the wake of the Russian Revolution through the recent revival in interest, driven primarily by the younger generation today

Today we take a look at the GOP through modern history to understand how they came to be what they are and how the impeachment is throwing this reality into such sharp relief.

Today we take a look at the history of impeachment starting with the crafting of the language in the constitution and on to how the impeachment process has played out over time.

Today we take a look at the impeachment story through the lens of the last six years of history between Russia and Ukraine from the annexation of Crimea to election tampering and all that followed.

Today we take a look at the labor movement as energy and power continue to build and more workers continue to strike to demand better conditions for themselves and all of society in an intersectional movement for social justice. Though not much thanks can be given to either political party.

Today we take a look at the reaction to decades of the fetishization of privatization in the form of a reinvigorated movement for public ownership of institutions meant to serve the public such as utilities, banks, train systems and so on. But this isn't your grandfathers' top-down public ownership, the new movement has bottom-up, accountable, democratic control of institutions at the very core of its mission.

Today we take a look at some solutions to our social media problems of fake news, propaganda and hate in all forms spreading like wildfire through society

Today we take a look at the ways that Native Peoples are represented in white society and pop culture, how some are working to take back their own narratives and some insight into the profound effects, both positive and negative, of how peoples are represented.

Today we take a look at just a few of the aspects of modern life for Native Peoples that we can see as stemming from the racism and colonialism that has been endemic in post-contact America.

Today we take a look at the process of systematic, government-sponsored genocide against the native peoples of North America that kicked off the wealth-accumulating, territory-expanding American empire we know and love today

Today we take a look at the literal and figurative bloody messes of the history of Thanksgiving and the identities of native peoples

Today we take a look at the rarely-told, real legacy of Christopher Columbus and some of the reverberations from his actions that can still be felt to this day

Today we feature a full episode of Brave New Words focusing on one of the most pressing issues for Americans: access to medicine and the fight against Big Pharma.