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Spencer and Laurien bring you Bowl After Bowl, a podcast about life, liberty, love and the pursuit of bowls. May your bowls burn ever brighter!

Today we had a wake 'n' bake session with AbleKirby, known for cohosting Rare Encounter and AbleKraft in addition to other infamous No Agenda dealings, for another episode of Bowls with Buds!

VALUE FOR VALUE Thank you to our executive producers, CW and Justice of Two Js in a Pod.  Bowl after Bowl is a value-for-value podcast, meaning every episode is published to the worldwide web free of charge for your enjoyment. All we ask is that you don't be a mooch and send us some value if you enjoy what you're hearing!  There are lots of ways to contribute value. Click here to go to our Donate page where you can send cuckbucks to our PayPal or stream us satoshis in our Sphinx Tribe.  If you want to make some episode art, jingles, or clip some ISOs, send them over to and if you find any 33 news stories or hits for the lanes, email them to TOP THREE 33 33 dogs, 15 chickens, one pony seized in cruelty case 33 Florida lawmakers ask DeSantis to apply for federal benefits to help feed children 33-year-old Worcester man accused of stabbing victim in the face CAN'T STOP COOFING 33 deaths Pennsylvania 33 new cases New Zealand,  33 students in quarantine Appleton, Wisconsin Cases down 33% in Madison County, Illinois BEHIND THE CURTAIN Illinois to conduct an extra lottery to give six applicants an opportunity to operate cannabis retail stores after they were wrongly denied fair

VALUE FOR VALUE HUGE thank you to executive producers CMike, NetNed, and Sirvo! Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast meaning there are no listeners, just producers - and ours are known as the bowlers. With the V4V model, producers and podcasts support each other.  Content is released out, into the wild and bowlers send in whatever value they received.  If you'd like to become a producer of Bowl After Bowl, check out our Donate page to see where to send your cuckbucks and crypto, email art and stories to, send jingles and ISOs to, or leave a voicemail at (816) 607-3663. These credits are REAL and can be listed on IMDB, LinkedIn, etc.  Call out the mooches in your life and make sure you pass the bowl to a friend. TOP THREE 33 Not a single woman was included on the Taliban's new 33-man Afghanistan government Sharpshooter Marine, 33, shot couple, their 3-month-old baby and grandmother dead 33 arrested in Australia after a 4-month drug sting CAN'T STOP COOFING 33 deaths: Polynesia , Mississippi 33 cases: Oklahoma,Yates County (NY),

VALUE-FOR-VALUE Thank you to our executive producers for this episode, Lavish of Behind the Sch3m3s and Fletcher of Hog Story! Bowl After Bowl is a value for value podcast, meaning our content will never be hidden behind a paywall, require a subscription, or subject you to ads. But it's bad manners to keep mooching all the time, so give back the value you receive in whatever form you see that, be it cuckbucks or crypto, art and jingles, or leaving a voicemail for us at (816) 607-3663.  And of course the easiest way to contribute is to propagate the formula by simply passing the bowl.   TOP THREE 33 Remains of Oklahoma man missing for more than 33 years identified 33 suspected pedophiles arrested in Israel 33 kids, 7 adults die of mysterious fever   CAN'T STOP COOFING 33 cases reported: Caldwell County Adair County Hamilton County Dubois County Columbia County Centre County

VALUE-FOR-VALUE THANK YOU to all the bowlers out there who have supported the journey of Bowl After Bowl thus far and for Episode 100's producers: SircussMedia, BoredStupid, NetNed, Boo-Bury of Behind the Sch3m3s, FarmerTodd, OB, Itty Bitty Homestead, The Rev. Cyber Trucker, Pheonix of No Apologies, PMarley, Quirkess, Fletcher of Hog Story, and SeeDubs!  Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast LIVE for your enjoyment every Tokin' Tuesday at 9:00 PM Central.  If YOU receive value from this content, don't be a mooch! Give some value back to the bowl where your time, talent, and treasure are always appreciated. Leave us a voicemail at (816) 607-3663 or simply pass the bowl to a friend. TOP THREE 33 Hot dogs can shave 36 minutes off one's life, PB&J can restore 33: study Swedish Government to Return 33 Bitcoin to Drug Dealer in Landmark Case Forgo the $33,000 Fee, Disney Will Pay YOU to Enter the Coveted Club 33 CAN'T STOP COOFING 33 new cases in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania 33 Nebraska inmates placed in isolation after testing positive 33 new virus deaths reported in Arkansas and Nebr

VALUE-FOR-VALUE Thank you to our executive producers M. Andrew Jones, The Rev Cyber Trucker, and SeeDubbs. Be sure to check out M. Andrew Jones' new book, Metal. Also, shoutout to the Itty Bitty Homestead over on No Agenda Tube. Give them some value for value! Then, stay tuned for a potential new direction for ms. Informed NAtion. Bowl After Bowl is a V4V podcast, meaning the bowls are packed fresh for you every Tuesday and if you enjoy hitting it, return some of the value in whatever shape or form of your liking. If you want to send us your crypto or cash, check out the Bowl After Bowl Donate page and give us a boost on your favorite Podcasting 2.0 enabled app. Episode art, jingles, news stories, and ISOs are always appreciated and can be emailed to And of course, our voicemail box will never be full so give us a call at (816) 607-3663. But the simplest way to provide value is simply to propagate the formula by passing the bowl to someone else you think might enjoy it. TOP THREE 33 In a 33-year first, a single console swept Japan's Game Sales Charts which were made up entirely of Nintendo Switch games in Famitsu Weekly, Japan's most popular video game publication, during the first week of August. The last time this happened was the Famicom, Nintendo's first iteration of what would become the NES, in 1988. Cannabis tragedy as man, 33, dies in fall after taking drug while celebrating his birthday — except it's the one-year anniversary of his death which his nurse girlfriend eulogized on social media, and England just has to keep the reefer madness going. This dude was a nurse who served as a medic in Afghanistan. For his birthday, he climbed Mount Snowdon, then met his girlfriend, close friend

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VALUE-FOR-VALUE Thank you to our executive producers Lavish of Behind the Sch3m3s, CMike, and NetNed! Bowl After Bowl operates on the value-for-value model, inspired by Adam Curry, the Podfather himself. This means every episode is available to everyone on the interweb free of charge. No paywalls, subscription fees, or advertisements, which frees content creators and consumers alike from the confines of mainstream slavery. Listeners (you bowlers out there) get an unlimited free trial with only a karmic contract to balance the value as long as they consume it, but there's no set set price. Just total freedom for the bowlers around the world. All we ask is that you don't be a mooch! If you like what you've heard on Bowl After Bowl and have received some form of value from it, give that value back. Check out our Donate page to see ways to send your cuckbucks or cryptocurrencies. We love boosts and streaming sats! But we also love the artists out there who contribute jingles, clips, art, stories, and leave voicemails. If you're set in your mooching ways, at least practice some basic stoner etiquette and pass the Bowl to someone you think might enjoy it. TOP THREE 33 Denver Zoo's only harbor seal euthanized at the age of 33 Salisbury Police charge 33 during narcotics roundup Pfizer projects $33 billion in COVID vaccine revenues driven by boosters and vaccines for kids THE COOF CONTINUES... 33 new cases in Tuscarawas County (Ohio), Fond du Lac (Wisconsin),

VALUE-FOR-VALUE THANK YOU to our executive producers Fletcher of Hog Story;  the Brandons of the Itty Bitty Homestead on NoAgendaTube; AbleKirby of the AbleKraft podcast and Rare Encounter; and all the bowlers out there boosting and streaming sats to the Bowl! If you get value from listening to the Bowl After Bowl podcast, DON'T BE A MOOCH! Head over to our Donate page to send us some cuckbucks or crypto, or boost Bowl After Bowl on a Podcasting 2.0 compatible app.  And there's plenty of other ways to contribute value to the Bowl. Make some art. Send a clip. Leave a voicemail at (816) 607-3663 or, very simply, pass the bowl. HUGE thank you to  Fletcher for joining us in the bowl for another episode of Bowls with Buds last Friday. CRYPTO COGNIZANCE Here in the Bowl, we do not aim to be the pied pipers of Bitcoin but rather to share our journey exploring the crypto space.  "If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry!" -- Satoshi Nakamoto A crypto fraud suspect in Spain says he can repay his victims nearly $330,000,000 if released for three to four weeks. TOP THREE 33 NBC's Olympic opening ceremony had lowest viewers in 33 years Former Boy Scouts Leader sentenced to 33 years in prison for child exploitation offenses US Shipping Crisis is not going away as 33 cargo ships float off the coast of L.A. waiting to dock

We were joined by our bud Fletcher of Hog Story for another episode of Bowls with Buds.

VALUE ENABLED, VALUE-FOR-VALUE There are INFINITE ways to give value back to the Bowl After Bowl podcast. Of course, you can always send your cuckbucks via PayPal or stream some satoshis. Make us some art or a jingle. Send ISOs, stories, or videos to check out. And of course the voicemail box is always open, so call or text: (816) 607-3663 Go ahead and vote for Bowl After Bowl in the Adam Curry People's Choice and Society - Culture categories! Also, make sure you vote for Hog Story under Leisure and Fun Fact Friday in Kids & Family. CRYPTO COGNIZANCE The ports are open on Castopod but our episodes won't upload.  It's a step in the right direction!  Cops seized $333 million in the largest-ever cryptocurrency raid in the UK discovered as part of money laundering scheme. TOP THREE 33  A Former Illinois school superintendent was sentenced to 33 months in prison and ordered to pay back the $343,000 he stole from his school district. Genetic codes for 33 viruses identified in 15,000-year-old Tibetan glacier ice. An Omaha band teacher of over 33 years was arrested for felony child abuse  BONUS: Three people were killed and 33 injured during weekend shootings in Philadelphia.  THE COOF CONTINUES 33 people test positive for COVID-19 at West Yarmouth nursing home, health officials confirm 33 new cases in

PUSHING VALUE-FOR-VALUE Thank you to CW, our executive producer for Episode 93 of Bowl After Bowl coming in with a monthly stonation! Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast. If you like what you hear, don't be a mooch! Pass the bowl. Leave us some cuckbucks, stack some satoshis, or call in with a voicemail at (816) 607-3663. Text messages are fine for the severely voice shy. CRYPTO COGNIZANCE Podcasting 2.0's namespace brings with it a host of new exciting features for podcasters to adopt, and people are crawling here in search of FREEDOM! Check A 33-year-old identity thief was sentenced to three years in prison by the US District Court in Seattle after stealing $500,000 from credit cards to buy bitcoin, a diamond-encrusted bitcoin pendant, and a $34,000 Rolex. Thirty-three people were investigated in South Korea for engaging in illicit crypto transactions worth $1.48 billion. TOP THREE 33 Out of an abundance of caution, thirty-three Navy sailors on the USS Michigan at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard were hospitalized yesterday (Monday July 12, 2021) after possible exposure to exhaust from the vessel's engine. Only two sailors reported mild respiratory symptoms. Farmers in the northern US Plains region will harvest the smallest spring wheat crop in 33 years after a severe drought, according to the US Department of Agriculture. This spring wheat accounts for a quarter of total US wheat production, meaning higher prices and shortages. A Sinaloa Cartel 'ringleader' was sentenced to 33 years in federal prison for extensive fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine trafficking in Virginia, North Carolina, and Californ

PUSHING VALUE-FOR-VALUE Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 92 Executive Producer Jamie for mailing nutraceuticals to the bowl for mom and baby wolf cub! If you've passed the bowl to a friend who has yet to donate, call them out as a MOOCH and point them in the right direction! Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast supported exclusively by the bowlers out there. No creepy advertisers or native ads. If you receive value, give some back to the bowl in the form of cuckbucks, crypto, art, ISOs, jingles, or even voicemails: (816) 607-3663 We had so much fun last Friday with Carolyn Blaney who joined us in the bowl for our latest episode of Bowls with Buds. Thank you, darling! CRYPTO COGNIZANCE Boosts are down in the Sphinx tribe as more and more people report trouble with the app. Four and five-digit boosts haven't been coming through on our end, so go ahead and break those down into smaller boosts for the time being.  METAL MOMENT The Rev Cyber Trucker is back with another Metal Moment, this time from the Land of the Rising Sun! Check out the J-rock band NINGEN ISU with Heartless Scat. TOP THREE 33 Did you know there will be33 sporting events in the Tokyo Olympics or that 33% of Americans approve of Biden's handling of the border according to the Daily Mail? There were only 907 respondents to their survey.  A domestic dispute led toa 33-hour standoff for Pennsylvania police officers with one victim losing her eye after being shot in the face. Meanwhile, Australia is dealing with it's second donation bin death -- this time of a

Thank you to our executive producer Quirkess for Bowl After Bowl Episode  92 where we were joined for a special Bowls With Buds episode of Bowl After Bowl with the one and only Carolyn Blaney of Hog Story.

PUSHING VALUE-FOR-VALUE Thank you to the executive producers of Bowl After Bowl Episode 90, FarmerTodd and Fletcher! These credits are real and can be used on places like LinkedIn and IMDB.  Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast. Every episode is publicly available free of charge to all the bowlers out there with no commercials! But if you want us to keep passing you the bowl every Tokin' Tuesday, you'll have to stop being a mooch and return some of the value you receive. Check outthe Bowl After Bowl Donate page to see all the ways you can share your treasure, or email or with your stories, ISOs, art, jingles, etc. Tune in to Hog Story every Monday at 7:30 PM Central to hear Fletch and Carolyn Blaney, our next Bowls with Buds guest. Be sure to tune in this Friday, July 2, 2021 at 9 PM Central and ask her questions or say high in a voicemail at (816) 607-3663. Voicemails are a great way to return value! Thank you Illuminadia for joining us in the bowl for our last installment of Bowls with Buds and be sure to check out her show Origins of Things and Stuff, co-hosted by the one and onlyNick The Rat. Also, check out Dame DuhLaurien's guest appearance on Behind the Sch3m3s Episode 50: Milk Tap Noosepaper. Thank you Boo-Bury and Lavish for so graciously hosting the Wolf Cub and I! CRYPTO COGNIZANCE The Bowl After Bowl Sphinx tribe is lit, so jump in there, boost, and stream some sats! Get a node and get ready to hop in on SirSpencer's ring of fire...once he figures out this port situation. TOP THREE 33 Two brothers from Lansing, Illinois were

Thank you B00-Bury, executive producer of Bowl After Bowl Episode 89, another installment of Bowls with Buds featuring IllumiNadia of Origins of Things and Stuff.

Thank you to the bowlers streaming sats on their favorite podcast apps! If we've missed crediting you, send an email to or No Agenda Social works too @SirSpencer and @Laurien.  Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast, so don't be a mooch! If you get value out of our show which is published every week free for all to partake in, send some value back. You can send cuckbucks or crypto over at our donate page or share some time and talent. Want to make some art, share a story, add some ISOs to the board? Email us! There are so many ways to contribute, including leaving a voicemail or sending a text at: (816) 607-DOOF (3663). Congratulations to GWFF the KoK, who got married TODAY! Long live the King and Queen of Kent. Make sure you listen to our Bowls with Buds episode (68) featuring GWFF and check out all of the amazing buds who have joined us in the bowl at  Speaking of buds, we are excited to announce Illuminadia will be our next Bowls with Buds guest LIVE this Friday, June 25 at 8:00 PM Central. But before then, check outSpencer's first appearance on Episode 50 of Behind the Sch3m3s: Get Out of my Garden!  And next Moanday, Laurien will be popping her BTS cherry. See you in the green room at 9:30 p.m. Central!  B00-Bury activated the almonds with a question last night and Spencer shares his search for a new host. Currently, he's leaning towardCastopod but ran into some trouble opening ports. Reach out if you can help! TOP THREE 33 Juneteenth didn't go so well for an Ikea in Atlanta where 33 employees called out after a serving fried chicken and watermelon to celebrate. Here is a link to

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Thank you to our executive producer CW for Bowl After Bowl Episode 87 coming in with a monthly stonation! Shoutout to Boo-Bury, CMike, and SirVo for streaming those sats.  Don't be a mooch! Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast meaning you get our content for free with no ads. All we ask is the the love you make is equal to the love you take. If you receive value, send some back to us in return! There's lots of ways to do it: PayPal donations, cryptocurrencies, streaming satoshis on your favorite app, making art, sharing news stories, ISOs, or leaving a voicemail at (816) 607-3663. CRYPTOCURRENCY   Do you have a node yet? Every podcaster should have their own node! What are you waiting for? Just get in the car and drive, dude! Check out this article SirSpencer referenced, How to run a Lightning Network node on Windows. Consider Umbrel,  myNode, Voltage, or setting up a RaspiBlitz. And be sure to visit on the regular! TOP THREE 33 Rest in Peace, Joya. Born in 1988 at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, this 33-year-old greater one-horned rhino (also known as the Indian Rhino) was the oldest male in the Species Survival Plan of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Joya moved to Salina, Kansas' Rolling Hills Zoo in 1995 where he had been monitored by veterinarian staff for age-related issues for the past few months. Add another tally to the Clinton Body Count. This week, ABC 33/40 reporter Christopher Sign suicided. He broke the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2016, then published a book about it. After its release in February 2020,

Thank you to our executive producers, Quirkess and Lavish!  Be sure to check out Behind the Sch3m3s Moandaze at 10:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 PM Central. Also thank you to SircussMedia for streaming us BATs and now sats! Sats coming in this week from SirVo, Adam Curry and Dave Jones as well. If you are streaming sats and would like a credit, email us at or Bowl After Bowl is a value for value podcast meaning there's no ads, no subscriptions, no fees of any kind. All we ask is that you return the value you receive in whatever form you can! Check out the Donate page to find out where to send your cash, Bitcoin, and satoshis. For stories, art, ISOs, and jingles, email them to or  CRYPTO Spencer talks about the Bitcoin Conference in Miami and more specifically Ross Ulbricht's statement, which he clipped for the latest episode of ms. Informed NAtion. Be sure to check out to learn more about Ross's story. TOP THREE 33 Australian Federal Police and FBI nab criminal uderworld figures in worldwide sting using encrypted app (33 countries involved, 33 search warrants carried out since Sunday) 33-year-old man operating horse-drawn vehicle killed in Ohio crash More than 33 pounds of meth, $125,000 seized during 4 Virginia arrests THE COOF Michigan reports 420 new coronavirus cases and 33 deaths 33 new cases in

Thank you to our Episode 85 executive producers: Farmer Todd, Pheonix, NetNed, Fletcher, and SirVo! Make sure you subscribe to Pheonix's YouTube channel, No Apologies, for some tasty recipes; tune in to hear Fletcher and Carolyn on Hog Story Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Central; and get in touch with Farmer Todd to try some of his delicious products! Bowl After Bowl is a value-for-value podcast meaning all the content is out there for all to enjoy. No paywalls, no ads, no fees, no subscriptions. We just ask that you give back the value you take with the value you make, whether that be a monetary donation via PayPal, BTC Pay, in Brave browser BAT, streaming satoshis, stories to discuss in the bowl, jingles and ISOs to play on the show, episode art -- whatever time, talent, and treasure you see fit!  Kansas City's city council passed an ordinance last Thursday aimed at curbing street racing, which includes a fine of up to $100 for spectators and possible jail time for performers. Coincidentally, there was a livestream of cops chasing the stunt drivers away from Union Station on Friday. Coincidence or media hype? TOP THREE 33 Russell Brand announces 'The 33 Tour' across the UK this summer Wisconsin DNR encourages ATV safety course for 33-year-olds and younger Sarasota County Sheriff's Office seizes 33 'severely malnourished' cattle Connecticut lawmakers designate racism as a public health crisis in 114-33 vote COVID-1984