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Here you can find weekly uploads of our Sunday sermons. We hope you are blessed by these messages and pray that you continually refine and develop your relationship with God. To support this ministry and to help us reach more people, consider giving to our church here: We're all in this together!

  • Definition: Hope
    We all have a desire for something. Wishing, is hoping and desiring for something. Hope is putting our faith in something certain and guaranteed. Support the show
  • Cambodia Missions Team
    Join us as we have the Cambodia missions team share their experience in Cambodia with us!Support the show
  • Comfort and conviction from Jesus
    Support the show
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
    God has placed you here for a reason. Tune in as Pastor Tseng shares with us questions we can ask ourselves to bring into light what tools in life we have to use in our daily life.Support the show
  • Your Church, Your Family
    Pastor David brings us a perspective of the ultimate care Jesus had on the cross for his mother. We are all called to care for our spiritual family as Jesus did with His family.Support the show
  • Famous Last Words Part 2
    Join us in the second part of PT's Famous last words sermon!Support the show
  • Famous Last Words
    PT walks us through the very last words of Jesus and how that shows us what His purpose on this earth was.Support the show
  • Loyal When No One Is Looking
    Remaining loyal when no one is looking. If it ain’t on the gram, did it really happen? If no one can see your faith, is it even real? We all start with the same saving faith, what are you doing afterwards to grow it? Now that is the real question.Support the show
  • Why We Get Stuck In Our Discipleship
    God asks us in our journey to be more like Jesus, to form an integrated, whole heart, united to honor and worship The Lord. David Kim walks us through some things/sins that may be obstacles that are hindering our discipleship.Support the show
  • Generational Curses And Blessings
    Whether or not you believe in God or blessings,  we all believe in something supernatural. On average, 80-100 curse words come out of our lips a day. Imagine the effect our words have on others if we bless others as frequent as we curse.Support the show
  • Love When It’s Hard To
    The act of loving when you don’t feel like it is a difficult endeavor for many of us. Venture with us as we dive into the book of John to learn about the difficulties of loving others and how we can love like Jesus.Support the show
  • Blessings Ephesians
    Throughout the bible we see the physical manifestation of God’s blessings. In this sermon, PT shares with us 4 spiritual blessings that transcends any physical blessings we can receive, which will never be taken away from you. Support the show
  • Being public with your faith
    If you think about it, being public with our faith is not something that is common. In the bay area, it’s very possible you may be ostracized or even canceled. Pastor Abraham shares with us the calling and joy to express the goodness and love of Christ; to be public with our faith.Support the show
  • LG and GL Impact
    In today’s sermon, Pastor Tony shares New Wave’s 3rd and 4th pillars that make us New Wave. Life Group and Global Impact allow us to dive even deeper into our relationship with each other and God. Support the show
  • Embrace change, experience breakthrough
    Thanks for joining us for the first Sunday of the new year and also New Wave’s first anniversary! In this sermon, he shares with us our vision for New Wave this year!Support the show
  • Sweet baby Jesus
    On behalf of New Wave, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Why do you celebrate Christmas? Presents, Santa, being thankful, the birth of our Savior? Join us as Pastor Tony shares with us what happens when we lose our focus on the truth, the way and the light. Support the show
  • The great enemy of spiritual life
    "For most of us, the great danger is not that we will renounce our faith. It is that we will become so distracted and rushed and preoccupied that we will settle for a mediocre version of it. We will just skim our lives instead of actually living them."- John OrtbergSupport the show
  • House of cards
    Historians believe an empire can only last roughly 200 years. For example, the Roman empire, as great as it is, ended with it tumbling to the ground. In this sermon pastor Tony shares with us the answer to questions like, “who is the builder of your life? How should you live your life? what is your philosophy in life? and what is the material you use to build your life?”Support the show
  • Craving for what’s better
    Why do we do things we don’t want to do? Why do we feel things we don’t want to feel? Join us as Pastor David shares with us the answer to these questions and how we can live with the direction of the Holy Spirit.Support the show
  • Mountain top monuments
    Jesus brings hope into our lives, but what do we do when we experience mountain top only to hit rock bottom? Is there a reason for this? Why do we have to fall, just to lose it all? Does it even matter anymore? Join us as Pastor Tony dives into the purpose and the hope we can hold on to during these times.Support the show